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An afternoon at the zoo!

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I'd like to praise Daddy for the wonderful afternoon that we had in the zoo yesterday! We were invited by Tina and her boyfriend Willem to go with them and it was great! Here's a report:

The weather looked good until we were in the zoo and every now and then it rained a little bit and one time it rained real heavy......... they had a lot of trees there and little houses where you could watch the animals and stop for the rain........ but it rained also when we were in open spots so I got soaking wet anyway....... I had my quilt on my legs so that prevented my legs to get wet, and Tina regularly held an umbrella over me too..... but my hands were wet anyway but it only added to the fun we had......
When we got at the zoo, they were feeding the penguins, but they were not hungry! The care-taker said that when it's going from warm to colder weather they don't eat as much until they're used to it....... they were very cute though and we have some nice pics of us with penguins and only penguins...... Willem, Tina's boyfriend made beautiful ones too! We saw all kinds of animals from owls to flamingo's and more and see-bears and otters and racoons and lots of different monkeys...... what I wanted to see (since they didn't have girafs) was the lemurs..... I love those, and they have a special island where they can come to you........ well they didn't, they were all up high in a tree and refusing to come down.......
However, there was another kind of monkey on the island who were MUCH more curious....... they looked at me and were intrigued by my shoes....... they would come closer and stand up to my shoes (I have my legs straight) and grab my shoe with their little hands and bite in it! That was soooooooo nice! Charles made a bunch of pics of those....... after they were tired of me, they went for Tina's umbrella, climbing up and down on it! We could have stayed there for hours, but we wanted to see more animals, like the kangeroos (who came pretty close too, those are big animals too!) so we had to be careful to leave the island, as we were afraid the monkeys would come with us........
It was this monkey...... ain't he cute?

After we've been through the zoo, we went to drink something in the restaurant and then we went to the animals inside (varying from crocodile to iguana and bats, turtles and snakes) and then I called the taxi and we went back home........

It was a very very nice afternoon! I loved doing it! And Charles loved it too, especially the penguins...... for me the highpoint of the afternoon were those monkeys..... I'll treasure those memories forever and I will print the one that Charles made of me with them eating my shoes........

Thanks Daddy for treating us to such a nice afternoon! I love You!

Love you all lots,

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  1. Amencorner's Avatar
    Thanks Dad for Tina and Willem!