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Through the cracks .

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We have a wooden deck on our property and there are cracks between the planks . Morning Glory vines are coming up between the planks , seeking the sun shine , and I keep pulling them out , but they come back . Is this the way we should be ? Should we be looking for the Son shining through the cracks in this world of ours and try our best to break through to the other side and bask in his full radiance ? Even if it requires the persistence of the morning glory ?

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  1. bluesky22's Avatar
    Wonderful post.

    Perseverance to the things of God.

    Thank you!
  2. BLESSED1AmI's Avatar
    Morning Glory flowers are one of my favorites. They remind me of Exodus 16:7.

    What a wonderful zeal filled spirit of survival they have. To break through cracks formed, by them(?), on a man-made deck. As if to be a reminder. The works of man are strong, but the will of God's natural creation is greater still.
  3. Hannah’s Song's Avatar
    Ooo I love it!
    Let’s all be morning glory flowers!
    We may get Plucked but our roots remain and head toward where the sun shines��