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Literary Structures

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Scripture is the only book in existence that has literary structures. These are the evidence both Hebrew and Greek Scriptures are His word. In 1500 years have 40 writers, wrote this Scripture and it is all literary structure nevertheless.

What are structures? We speak at the plants of the structure of branches and leaves. These are miraculously merged and show a remarkable construction. In the investigation of the nature of the elements (these are the substances from which matter is built up) we speak of the structure of an atom, that is, its method of composition, of the grouping of even smaller parts: proton and electrons. Scripture also has a structure, a building order. Structures now are the basic texts that clearly show how a larger or smaller part of Scripture is built up. Thus we can give the structure of a bible book, of a chapter or of a part of a chapter.

The structure is often required for the interpretation. When one sees which parts correspond to each other, which are opposite to each other, which run parallel, there is often a solution for difficult parts and in any case a better overview is obtained.

No book in the world can be put into structure. This can only happen with Scripture, which is built according to the purest laws of the Spirit. The structure is an outward testimony that God's Word is the truth. The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times (that is, in human nature) Psa. 12:7.

The construction of the different Scriptures is not always the same or always simple. Here too, God's great literary richness comes true. Some are simple, others are complicated. The structures are God's arrangement of the Scriptures. The division into chapters and verses in our Bibles is very flawed and often superficial human work that can not continue to exist. Once, in everything, God will bring out the full truth, purity, authenticity, beauty, balance, in one word perfection. Also in His Word. He will do so by bringing forth the deeper ground lines, the basic sketches, which will also indicate the fixed order as the ordinances of heaven and will prove to be as harmonious as all the Divine.

The structures are actually a better chapter division. One read Scripture according to the classification in the structure. The Word will gain strength through it and the insight will be strengthened by it. The Companion Bible has in it's marginal notes the structures and is invaluable for those who wish to study His word.

Lastly an example of the structure of Gen. 3 which clearly shows there was no serpent, but a higher spiritual being that seduced Eve.



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