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philosophy research

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I'm doing research on the broad concept of philosophy.

I came across the concept of determinism.

If I understand it correctly, taken to the extreme, it is a complete denial of free will.

To put it mildly, I see no possible way for this to be compatible with a Biblical worldview.

Without free will, how could a person be justly held morally accountable for ANYTHING?

The thing that really bothers me is, this is uncomfortably close to what a lot of people are actually being taught.

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  1. CadyandZoe's Avatar
    I would recommend a book for you to read called, "The Most Real Being" by J. A. Crabtree Gutenberg College Press. This is now available to read freely online at "" In his book, Dr. Crabtree explains divine determinism and why it remains compatible with human freedom.
  2. Pbminimum's Avatar
    See Calvinism. There are several on the site who may help you understand their position.