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The “Church” and “Israel”- Separate or One in the Same?

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Five minute video showing that the Church and the Israel are the same.

The Church is the continuation of faithful Israel.

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  1. CFJ's Avatar
    Very clear to understand. There is one message for mankind, with one covenant, one baptism, one body and "one" is the lasting impression... in one book for all the nations, which in fact came from one blood and unites in One blood...
  2. bluesky22's Avatar
    Yes Brother, I concur.

    Take the example of the Olive Tree of Romans 11.

    The Olive tree had a root comprised of O.T Israel. Some believed then and some did not.

    When Christ came, He finally got rid of the chaff of O.T Israel and burned it up. ( 70 AD ) He kept the "good wheat." ( the remnant ) That is the root.

    With that good wheat he added to it, the Gentile good wheat and enjoined them into that same Olive Tree.

    There is/was not 2 Olive trees in Romans 11; there is ONE Olive tree comprised of all those who believe in Jesus Christ and He made them ONE TREE. The rest are "cut off" Paul says.

    They by nature of one heart, one mind, one spirit, one love, one Baptism, etc. (Eph. 4: 1-10)! They all love and believe in Jesus Christ.

    Add to that, how many times in Ephesians 2: 11-22 does Paul say, in about a dozen different ways, that God made the two groups into ONE, creating "one new Man?"

    *There is no Jew nor Greek. (Gal. 3: 28)

    Check out Eph. 2: 11-22 and then reflect on "How many peoples of God there are"

    To answer many feel is one.
    Updated Nov 15th 2018 at 04:36 AM by bluesky22