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The purpose of the aions (Eph. 3:11 source text)

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The five aions God has set to Himself to come to terms with creation.

[B]1st aion[/B]. From creation till the casting down of the world (translated foundation wrongly). The casting down was the first cataclysmic event which involved water, that's why we see the Spirit of God [I]moved upon the face of the waters[/I] in Gen. 1:2. This is called in 2 Pet. 3:6 the katakluzo of [B]the world that then was[/B].

[B]2nd aion[/B]. From the seven days of restoration, till the flood of Noah. Second cataclysmic destruction which involved water and called kataklusmos in 2 Pet. 2:5 of [B]the old world[/B].

[B]3rd aion[/B]. This is the [B]current evil aion[/B] (Gal. 1:4 source text), from the landing of the ark until the second coming of the Lord. According to Peter this will be cataclysmically destroyed by fire which doesn't mean everything will be burned (2 Pet. 3:7), this is when the NHNE of Isa. 65, 66 starts.

[B]4th aion[/B]. Starts with the erection of the Kingdom of Heaven, the millennium reign, followed by the GWT. This aion is called [B]the regeneration[/B] by our Lord in Mat. 19:28. This aion ends when the New Jerusalem descends to earth, this is the NHNE of Rev. 21. No cataclysmic destruction.

[B]5th aion[/B]. From the New Jerusalem until God is all in all. This is [B]the new creation[/B] to which Paul anticipates by teaching us about sonship.

The five world aions are depicted (among other things) in the the Worldly Sanctuary (to hagion kosmikon) Heb. 9:1:

1 Outside the Outer Court The first world aion
2 Outer Court The second world aion
3 Inner Court The third world aion
4 The Holy The forth world aion
5 The Holy of Holy The fifth world aion

As you can see there is a rising in rapprochement to God with each aion, which we can call the road of salvation .


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