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What Has Christ Have to do with Athens?

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What has Christ to do with Athens?

When contemporary Christians engage in politics why do we do so according to the world’s standards?

I have been guilty of this! Have we forgotten that this “friendship” makes us God’s enemies (Jas.4:4)?

I have read Machiavelli, Rousseau and Hobbs. And I have read the Bible. And I realize that Christians follow the former and reject the latter in the ordering of the triune God’s civil sphere!

We would never reject what the Scriptures teaches regarding the ordering of God’s ecclesiastical sphere, it is time we cease rejecting what His word teaches regarding the ordering of His civil sphere. Christ owns all (Mt.28:18), He is the King (Rev.1:5) and we need to take that seriously once again!

As Joe Boot correctly concludes, Christians are now "apostate" when it comes to politics.

“Christians who engage in politics apart from God's revealed standards of justice and righteousness are nothing more than another arbitrary and subjective voice tossed together with the mass of clanging noises produced by the Secular voices vying for power and authority.

Sola Scriptura doesn't just have application for doctrines like Justification by Faith. Sola Scriptura is a principal that points to the ultimate authority of God's Revelation over everything. If we desire a society that knows God, we start with the Gospel.

When the saved in that society ask, "By what standard?" or "How shall we live?" we point to the revealed Law-word of God. Christians have His Law (Jeremiah 31) written on their hearts and now have the ability and desire to do it.

When Christians today suggest that Jesus isn't concerned with the political establishment obeying His Law, remind them of Who has "all authority in heaven AND on earth". Remind them of Who is King over the kings of the earth and Who is Lord over the lords. Remind them of Who is on the throne ruling now (1 Corinthians 15) and of Whom the Father commands the kings of the earth to obey or they will perish (Psalm 2). Tell them about Who has dominion (Psalm 72) and about the One Who will establish justice on the earth and Who will not grow faint or weary until He does (Isaiah 42).

Reject the truncated gospel that minimizes the lordship and authority of Christ in this life and world and opts for a christianized version of Gnosticism that suggests that God has little use, plans, or desires for this world here and now. For a full description of those plans, read 1 Corinthians 15 and Colossians 1:20. Jesus was out proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom (Matthew 4). Are we?”

Jeff Durbin

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