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To The Powers That Be

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To The Powers That Be
by Belinda van Rensburg

Not all so-called Ďlittle peopleí
Are dumbed down or misled sheeple
Believing all your double speak
To sway the clueless and the weak.

Those who think allís fine and dandy:
That credit cards are safe and handy,
Are being set up for a fleecing
As balances keep on increasing.

But we can see the traps youíve set
And wonít become your slaves through debt;
Though you may tempt us evíry day
We will resist you all the way!

You will not brand us with your mark
For weíll not live where it is dark;
We know whatís wrong and what is right:
We are the children of the Light!

Godís remnant people have a voice:
Divine-ordained freedom of choice.
We wonít give in to your demands
When they conflict with Godís commands.

Thereís nothing more to say; discuss -
Youíve lost your power over us.
Our weapons are Christís truth and love
And our strong faith in God Above!

© 2019

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  1. bluesky22's Avatar
    Amen! .........