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The Asteroid

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Imagine for a few minutes, if you can, this senerio.

NASA makes a startling confession.

There is two asteroids heading directly for us and will wipe out most of the earth.
Everything dies. You, me, all of us.

The first asteroid hits in 24 years, 2 months, 14 days and at about noon, New York time. Then 15 years later, the second, a bigger one hits.

We know the end.

The world would go crazy. Bucket lists would explode. People would reunit, cry, laugh, worry. Many would probably go insane. Can you imagine the spectacle?

Sound impossible? Probably.

However, there is an asteroid headed for each one of us right now.

Our deaths are coming. Many reading this now may not be alive in 24 years. The clock is ticking as we speak.

Why would/does it take a real asteroid to wake the world when a symbolic one is heading right for each one of us?

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  1. bluesky22's Avatar
    I forgot add, dang edit not working...

    ...upon hearing about their pending doom, many people would no doubt suddenly look deeper into the “meaning of life” and many might discover Christ in the process, so scared that their death is so soon coming. No one knows how far off that fateful day is, it may even be tomorrow! Why not look now?
  2. Protective Angel's Avatar
    Well done my friend.
    So true that NONE of us will escape the first death. Some believe or don't understand that there are more. Only God sets the second death. I believe we are spirit inside flesh. When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, satan will be there. He will strip our flesh from our spiritual bodies and we will go on to our Father. Thy rod and thy staff will comfort us in this time, as scripture tells.
  3. bluesky22's Avatar
    Amen . . . . . .