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Evidence for God BEING

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Evidence #1: Reality Itself

This may sound at first as silly, but I donít think it is. Itís a foundational to this investigation.

We are here. Floating on a chuck of rock, water & dirt in space, surrounded by seemingly endless space, stars & planets.

We are living on a incredibly balanced, symbiotic, inter-connected life-support system that defines logic.

Itís just amazing from any position. A self-healing, self-sustaining, self-procreating - creation. Just perfectly sitting in just the Goldilocks zone. Itís shocking at the irreducible complexity. You get the picture.

So what happened? Was it a God? An accident ? Perfect storm of natural material, one in a quadrillion quadrillion? Were we seeded by ancient aliens traveling around the galaxies? Are we living in a marble around a cats neck?

Something happened. Something big & amazing. Rare it appears to.

I try and look objectively at this as possible.

How many conceivable options are actually on the table?

We were created ( moment of creation ) by:

1. a random perfect storm or yet unknown processes, life from non-life, over eons of time punctuated with changes?
2. an impersonable unknown Force with unknown, unknowns?
3. a God (s) who does/or does not, communicate with its creation?
4. Seeded by unknown space dwellers?
5. Just a natural process of reality?
6. Trans-dimensional seeding by unknown unknowns?
7. We are not actually here, this is all an illusion.
8. A million gods.

So, looking for evidence Ďif God is realí, which of the above makes the most sense ? ( in light of all the evidence ultimately) Of course youíve guessed I see the theistic side, and others maybe not. We are intitled to our view, but both views or all of them cannot be all true at the same time.

Here is what I think anyway and why.

I can no longer fathom the odds of:

#1. I understand the general idea of athestic EV, but I donít buy it. Too complex. Overwhelming complicated. To much other evidence. The evidence for it, is actually evidence for special creation.

#2. It is possible. In absence of other evidence this is a contender.

#3. If you like evidence, this one seems to have a ton of evidence. Itís amazing in ways you might not think. Contender.

#4. Alien seeding. Only problem with this view is that it pushes the ultamate question just back in time. How did the aliens get created? Same problem.

#5. Also possible. Other evidence for other views may outshine this. I feel they do.

#6. Well, Iíve seen no evidence.

#7. I will bet you this guy checks both ways before he crosses the street.

#8. Occamís razor, no neeed to complicate things when one will do.

None of us were there when this happened.
Whatever happened, happened before we got here, so we are products of its truth, not the reverse.

We canít bend that truth, even if we think we can.

So is reality itself an Ďevidence for Godí ? Yes. It can be. Itís conceivable that a supernatural entity is responsible for this amazing thing we call life.

But there is much much more...

( I would love to hear more creation ideas that I have missed )

Thoughts welcome.

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  1. jeffweeder's Avatar
    It is amazing, and was put together so lovingly by God. Surely.
    Has to be him ,rather than a powerful hurricane tearing up a scrap metal yard and leaving a space shuttle behind in its wake.
  2. bluesky22's Avatar
    Exactly brother, LOL, it’s a bridge too far for me now.

    All it takes is looking into the odds. Plus all other pro-theistic evidence which backs it up even more. It all becomes very clear. Amazes me how more don’t see it.

    Naturalism is a religion. They need even more faith than we do.
  3. jeffweeder's Avatar
    You took the words right out of mouth regarding them needing more faith to believe such a thing. So so sad.

    Observe the wonderful food that the earth puts forth, and how your tongue tells you that God must love you.
  4. Foxjj's Avatar
    Very well done bluesky. You gave your readers lots to think about ��