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    That did not work. Can’t edit or delete. Will try and get it up
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    Here it is...

    Liberal media response? Crickets...
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    The Other Massacre: Networks Silent on Islamists Butchering Nigerian Christians

    They ( liberal media ) dwell on Christchurch and call it Breaking news for days and weeks!

    Hundreds have recently been massacred in the last few weeks and in the thousands over the past year there.

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    We got to get the site fixed this is irritating...
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    My doctor saw what they do to the people down's a brutal hatred you can't ever imaging..They took one man surrounded him and to commenced to push rubber tires over his shoulders until the were at eye level then set fire to him..

    The media won't report it because the devil is in the details..
  11. keck553's Avatar
    Good point. I guess the media is bored with Christians be in slaughtered. Plus they can’t blame Trump for it.