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I've started reading the New King James Version of Job.


I'm still confused about a lot of Biblical genealogy.


I don't know where to even begin right now doing research on Roman Catholicism, so that will have to wait.

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  1. TMarcum's Avatar
    Job is a great book to read.

    It can get confusing at the end trying to figure out exactly what Job's sin was that God was not happy about.
    I would like to give a really quick assessment of what I gather after reading the book of Job over 30 years of bible study:

    Indeed, Job was a righteous man. The sufferings that Job went through was not caused by God. No different than the sufferings we go through today. Satan caused the suffering of Job. When we suffer today, you can say (in a way that Satan causes it) but its more about the fact that because of the transgression of Adam, that sin entered into the world. And because of sin, death was passed upon all mankind. So from birth, death is forever killing our bodies. From birth, we see the frailty of man; Natural sickness, disease, injury. Then sickness from sin and abuse of our bodies; smoking causing cancer, sexual abuse causes aids and various diseases, drugs causes premature death and addiction. Then look at depression and suicide. So death is forever killing our bodies one day at a time.

    So things are really no different today as with Job. All the these things came upon Job at one time. Just as God allowed it to happen to Job, God allows it happen to mankind. This is the curse of death and not because God allows bad things to happen to good people.

    But we can read all the things that happened to Job, as he lay upon his death bed, in severe suffering in the wake of loosing all his kids, possessions, and wealth:
    1) His wife advised him to curse God and die.
    2) His (3) friends accused him of sin being the cause that this came upon him, and they prayed upon him asking him what he did to cause it.
    3) Then the young wise man took his turn with Job and did the same as the others, saying you must have done something to displease God.
    4) Then God took a round with Job.

    The sin of Job was not the cause of what came upon him. But while he was on his death bed, as others accused him, he denied doing any wrong, proclaimed his innocence, but portrayed God out to be the one punishing him without cause. Job had charged God with acting unjustly toward him, in the mist of those that were around his death bed.

    After God got through with him, Job understood the wrong in what he did and he repented.
    God was angry with his friends and said that if Job prays for their forgiven and offers their sacrifice, that he will hear Job and forgive their sins too.

    So in the end, Job never at anytime cursed God. And the outcome of Jobs life was better than before hand.

    The genealogy of the bible can be read in several places. Both books of Chronicles and both Kings covers much of it. We can read the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew and Luke.
    Matthew 1:1-17 from Joseph side of the family
    Luke 3:23-38 from Mary's side of the family
  2. gringo300's Avatar
    One thing I've got out of Job is that Job's children had been sinning flagrantly.

    God didn't just allow people who were at the wrong place, at the wrong time to be killed to make a point.

    Job had obviously been afraid they were going to come under judgement from God and wasn't the least bit surprised when it happened.

    I've never heard people talking about this much.
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  3. TMarcum's Avatar
    Keep in mind that God has allowed people to die whenever and for whatever reason that he decides, from the beginning of time. He is almighty God. If he decides to allow a life to be cut short, it is not an unrighteous act from God.

    Was it an unrighteous thing for God to destroy millions and millions of babies in the flood in the time of Noah, when only 8 were saved by water? Babies whose only sin was being borne.

    The very life and death of mankind is controlled by God and in his hands to do as he has purposed. So yes, God would allow Job's children to die if they were good or bad, if that was what he purposed.
  4. gringo300's Avatar
    I've read Job before and it is made rather clear that Job's children were living immorally.
  5. Brother Mark's Avatar
    Job was concerned that they had sinned. But nothing in the scriptures says they were immoral. Also, God gave Job double of everything he had before the test.... except for children. He only gave him 10 more children not double which would have been 20. Why? Because the original 10 went to paradise and Job had not lost them eternally.

    God bless!
  6. TMarcum's Avatar
    Brother Mark, that was a great response.

    And I agree, having 5 children of my own. Two of my children are born again. But I still pray everyday that God would forgive them of their sins, in case they did or had a thought that would displease God.

    Who of us have children that we would not offer a sacrifice for (if it was a required)? Who us parents do not pray for our children?

    To say that just because that Job offered sacrifices for them, that they were immoral is no different than saying all our children are immoral. That is a terrible assumption to make.
  7. gringo300's Avatar
    Of course, I'll read Job again after reading it this time, at some point, but that's how the parts about him making sacrifices for his children has sounded to me, so far.

    I'm still trying to figure out Job's wife's reaction to him getting boils.