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Are Christians Political Enough?

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As a Christian, I, & many others feel that we need to be more political and more influential in the world.

Any paradigm flows from its foundation.

Paradigms shape societies.

Are we living in a Godly society, or a un
Godly society?

Have we slipped from our foundation?

If the foundation is True, then so will the building. If its off, - plum and level go out the widow. Problems occur. Sometimes big problems.

A Biblical foundation is strong & correct ( to reality ) and unstoppable, as it was meant to be. It grows like a tiny mustard seed into a wonderfully huge plant.

If we today, dont carry Gods Truth- to the front steps of city hall - and beyond, who is going to?

Bravo to the strong men and women of the USA who have enacted LAWS ( the
Heart-Beat law ) that make our most defenceless children safe.

You all are amazing people and I thank you for work. I pray God will be with your effort & bless you for y(our) stand. Abortion is to me, now, the most abhorrent act we do. Killing our unborn.

I feel like I think Noah felt in his day. The atrocities never stop.

Its time for war my friends - Spiritual war & political war.

This and the Gospel go hand-in-hand.

Gods standards are on the line, and WE are the front-line soldiers standing between evil & life.

Are you game?

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  1. Slug1's Avatar
    For me (to me) standing on morals that are firm in God, isn't political at all... it's simply human. For me (to me), not standing on morals that are firm in God, isn't political at all either, but is usually inhuman.

    It is the standing between each where one begins to be political, as one takes from either side as suited, for self-gain.
  2. bluesky22's Avatar
    This is a follow-up to OP.


    May 22, 2019 by Gary DeMar
  3. bluesky22's Avatar
    Thanks for comments Slug.
  4. Pbminimum's Avatar
    I was speaking about politics in Alabama with some right leaning non-Christians the other day. I live in Alabama and the political climate here is just getting nuts. From Roy Moore, to the latest abortion bill, to Doug Jones ( a liberal who won the Senate by a smear campaign on Moore ) everything here seems to be upside down. There concern was that the Christians would not vote strategically and there would be political losses due to that. I attempted to explain what a biblical worldview meant , and how that transcends politics, strategy, and planning. At the end of the discussion I hope they had a better grasp of why Christians refuse to compromise on certain issues. Whether they did or not , I couldn't say.
  5. Pbminimum's Avatar
    I also explained that historically , being a Christian meant you were the minority and that you would be misunderstood.
  6. Dave G's Avatar
    Since the Lord tells believers to be separate from the world and its ways, I decided the best thing that I can do is to divorce myself from "Christian Activism", and simply pray that God's will be done among the leaders of my own country and my own backyard.
    After all, He is the one who puts people into office, and takes them out ( Proverbs 21:1, Daniel 4:35, Psalm 75:7, Daniel 2:21 ).

    I stopped voting years ago.
    However, what you do is up to your own conscience and between you and the Lord.
    I learned the hard way that believers are vastly outnumbered in this world, and I have no intention of trying to stop those that hate God from making their "bed" and sleeping in it...they wll have to answer to the Lord.
    "Should Christians accept that an anti-Christian society is inevitable?"

    The locomotive has been rolling downhill since at least the 1960's in America, and it's gathering speed regardless of how hard Christians fight.
    It's far worse now than when I was growing up in the 70's.
    Therefore, I think that trying to force, shame, or otherwise convince people who hate God and love their sin, to obey Him, is ultimately pointless.
    It hasn't been working since the 80's.
    The only thing that has kept this world from blowing itself apart thus far, is the power of God.

    Pray for that, my friend.
    May God bless you.
  7. bluesky22's Avatar
    Thanks for the thoughts Dave, you bring up some interesting points. Worth chatting about.
  8. hawkman's Avatar
    Good post bluesky22 ! Yes Christians need to be more active in government and get out and VOTE . God will and can instruct you how to vote . Many died so that we could vote ! Yes a spiritual was is raging all around us but God gives us the tools to win .

    Dave G , glad you are back posting ! It would be good to see what you posted here reposted in Biblechat so there could be discussion about the things you said . Question for you Dave G , Do you know what in means for a Christian to be " salt of the earth " ?