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The Heavens Declare It.

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While never presuming to know the mind of God and unable to grasp infinity or eternity in any comprehensive way, it seems - for my generation at least - we grew up satisfied with the teaching that God, having inhabited eternity, with no beginning, for an immeasurable period, at one point decided to create angels, the universe and man.

By most understanding, of course, the realm of eternity which God inhabits cannot be depicted in such linear, measurable terms, or understood as event "A" taking place at a certain point and "B" at another - time does not exist in the eternal state.

Very elementary, basic stuff which numbsculls such as myself find most enthralling.

I am far from presenting my entire thought here, so kindly don't rush to conclude, but feel welcome to comment or contribute.

Doing this with one finger at this*point in time*(oops, there I go again

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