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The Heavens Declare It.

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So, having touched upon God's eternal existence, in itself a difficult reality to apprehend, but thrilling, we are easily reminded that He is absolute in all His attributes, which means that nothing He does is less than absolute in it's rightness, as He is perfect in all His ways, and He is good.


God is morally excellent, and does only good (Gen. 1:31; Deut. 8:16; Psa. 107:8; 118:1; Nahum 1:7; Mark 10:18; Rom. 8:28)

In light of this, it can be aptly stated that absolute rightness demanded the creation of man, including each unique individual, or more appropriately, each person, because God could not have motives that are anything less than what absolute perfection demands.

(Some hold to a random creation for individual persons, based on chance; I don't - no accidents, no uncertainty, no probability).

So what turns out to be "In the beginning"*for man, is in reality an action of the highest, or infinitely right,*purpose,*which emanates from Most High God, and is, rather than initiated at some point, eternal in essence, though our existence began with time.

A purpose of the highest absolute, which always is, and ultimately, intimately, centered on Christ.

Work in progress... Just*beginning..*(Doh!!!).

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