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Do you ever think....

Perspectives from the South Pacific

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Blog. Just the name put me off. But I guess when there is new technology and it needs a name, all the best ones are taken. Oh well. So it seems everyone has one these days, and who wants to be left out?
So here I am. In case some of you don't know where New Zealand is,(and not many, unsurprisingly do) it is a small island country way down in the South Pacific, about 1000 miles east of Australia and not much more than that north of the antarctic.
I believe there are about 5 1/2million born and bred New Zealanders (Kiwis) living in the world. Only 3/4 of that number are still here. I million Kiwis live in Australia, and if the statistics are correct, 40,000 thousand more crossing the big ditch every year.
It has been said that that phenomenon has the effect of increasing the average IQ of both countries.
So why, after all this time, have I decided to become a blogger? (Actually, that doesn't sound too bad after all; Ive been called worse.) Probably to further satisfy my fetish for writing. And perhaps to express a few ideas and perspectives on life that don't quite fit into the forums.
I have no idea where all this might lead
but my hope is that anyone silly enough to bother reading my blog would at worst, be entertained, and at best, be informed. So welcome to my life, and thankyou in advance for taking an interest.

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  1. Christiana's Avatar
    I prefer it to be called journaling.;-) Blogging sounds like bowling to me.:-)

    Remember me as "silly enough", ok?

    I did happen to know where New Zealand was located. I know, it shocked me too.

    Thanks for the "journal entry".

    I was informed & entertained.

    In Christ's Unfailing love, Christiana (Tina)