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I have a couple in my group of acquaintances that have tried to have a baby for years. [They are in their 30's]. It's been to no avail and heartbreaking.

Now a separate story.....

There was a baby boy born in town yesterday.

Now to connect the dots...…

Five days before the birth of that baby, the mother, not knowing, but knowing OF this couple came to their home and told them that she could not keep and raise this baby as she thought. She was certain and sure.

She asked them FIVE DAYS before the birth, if they would take the baby and their own. FIVE DAYS to prepare!! Of course they said yes and have had five days, now six, to get ready for a baby!

LOL!! God is good! He also has a sense of humor and rewards the faithful! I thank him that this mother did not kill her baby. I thank him that this childless couple has had their prayers answered.

Testimonies jayne https://bibleforums.org/showthread.php/278268-In-light-of-the-recent-abortion-discussion-read-this-for-encouragement