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Yesterday, I was watching a Christian TV channel when a lady was being interviewed by a famous Christian TV personality. This lady was telling the story of how her Autistic son was healed from Autism after being prayed for during a church meeting. She was telling about how severe his autism was - he did not speak and only grunted when he wanted something, was self-injuring, ate things that were not food (like drywall, tree bark, small toys, etc.), had meltdowns....and she went on and on with his list of previous behaviors. She said he is now completely healed and is in college doing well and no one would ever know he was ever autistic. OK...First of all, let me say that I believe God can heal any child any time any place. So, I believe this can happen. Any way, she went on to say that since this happened to her child, she has started her own ministry of praying for the healing of children who are autistic. She was saying that she has seen many children healed immediately after being prayed for. She gave her web address and phone #. Well, I have an autistic child. So, I contacted this lady. She said she would call me last night to talk to me and my husband to let us know "How her ministry works". I said OK. well...

She called and said that there are several steps we have to take before she can pray for our child. (ummm...OK. Doesn't sound biblical to me?) Step 1: Both my husband and I would have to fill out a 10-page form (1 for each one of us) answering questions about our past and present personal lives. These were questions that covered EVERYTHING - like "Did you ever have nightmares as a child?" , "How long have you been a Christian?" , "Have you ever committed adultery or fornication?" And the list went on and on....There were about 65 questions on these 10 pages and she wanted essay answers to each question. Step 2: After reading our answers, she would set us up for a "counseling session" via Skype to restore our marriage. ...Ummm our marriage is fine and I told her so. My husband and I are very happy in our marriage! She said it still has to be done. And yup. You guessed it - the counseling session costs $500! THEN...After the marriage counseling session, she would want to have Skype sessions with our autistic daughter (costing $95/hour). I asked how many sessions. She said it depends on the child. She said it could be as few as 3 or as many as 2-3 dozen! (That is a LOT of money!) THEN....after all of this is done,. she would say a 5 minute healing prayer over our child.

Now, tell me that I am not crazy. Doesn't this sound like a money scheme?!?! Why would anyone charge a family money to pray for them? Don't you all think this lady is taking advantage of people? I think this is pretty bad! She should know firsthand (having had an autistic child herself) that families of autistic kids are out a LOT of money already on doctors, medications, therapies, etc. Then, she wants to turn around and add salt to the wound by charging us for prayer??? I have to admit that I got a little angry. AND...she told us that she has to figure out "What is wrong with me and my husband" before she can help our child. WHAT??? OK. No one is perfect. But, my husband and I have never done drugs, never drank, never smoked, never cheated on each other, never stolen anything, have a very happy marriage, and try to raise our children in a Christian home. And it feels like she is trying to blame us for our daughter's autism?????? What do you all think of this? Do I have a right to think she is a scammer?? ]]>
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