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New Members, Please Read.

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  • IMPORTANT New Members, Please Read.

    1. Rules and guidelines
    Welcome to Bibleforums! New members are expected to review the Bibleforums Posting and Forums Guidelines. Outlined there, you'll find rules and policies established to help provide a safe, pleasant environment for Christian fellowship and the discussion and sharing of God's Word. Members are required to abide by these guidelines, and are accountable for non-compliance. As such, all new members are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with them before diving into the forums.

    2. Getting started
    After acquainting yourself with the rules, head over to Frequently Asked Questions, for answers to questions you may have about getting started, and how things work. You'll find information there on specific topics related to posting, as well as general FYI stuff.

    3. Finally, if you have any unanswered questions or wish to speak with board leadership about a particular matter, just start a thread in the Chat to the Moderators forum.
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    When we stand before the Judgment Seat, we will have retained only two things from our earthly life: what God gave us, and what we did with what He gave us.