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OPSEC (Operational Security) ALL READ THIS PLEASE

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  • OPSEC (Operational Security) ALL READ THIS PLEASE

    To protect your privacy on the board, please make sure you read and understand this

    (Operational Security), Intelligence collection and analysis is very much like assembling a picture puzzle. Intelligence collectors are fully aware of the importance of obtaining small bits of information (or "pieces" of a puzzle) from many sources and assembling them to form the overall picture.

    The premise of OPSEC is that the accumulation of one or more elements of sensitive/unclassified information or data could damage national security by revealing classified information. This can be on a national as well as a personal level.

    The goal of OPSEC, as a "countermeasures" program, is to deny an adversary, pieces of the intelligence puzzle.

    So, with this said any and all information dealing with the military or similar organization can and will be reviewed and if determined to break OPSEC in the slightest way, will be deleted without explanation by the Mods/Admins of this board.

    We ask you all to please, quickly report any suspect posts that you see. Reporting is done by clicking on the Triangle Icon located in the bottom left of the post in question. (Blog this Post, Reps Icon, then Report Icon)

    Change #1

    On the Personal Level:

    Other examples of personal OPSEC is the open posting of your email address. Any email addresses found in a post will be removed by the leadership of this board.

    Place an email address in your profile (<Click) where there is an Instant Messaging area or the Additional Information area for this information.

    Thank you!

    Change #2

    Continuation of Personal OPSEC: No open posting of personal addresses in threads. Any addresses found in a post will be removed by the leadership of this board.

    Address consists of town/city name, street address, etc.

    Addition #1

    To protect the members of this board all posts that contain a link without any description as to what this link will lead to will be deleted. Detail the description as much as possible.

    Also any link placed in a thread without any explanation of how it impacts the thread involved... will be deleted. Any link "starting" a thread should also be given a full description as to leave no mystery as to what is on the other end if clicked.

    Additional #1.2

    Posting Links-please read

    We have added some rules to posting links:

    --If you post a link to another site, be it a video, article... whatever: Give a description of what it is that they will see. Just posting a link with a message such as "hey, check this out." will result in your post or thread being deleted.

    --No links soliciting to members other Christian message boards in posts, signatures, profiles or PM's, rep system, etc.

    --No linking to sites whose main objective is promoting the sales of products

    Addition #2

    Due to the v4 upgrade to this message board, many new features have been added for our fellowship and enjoyment. All the information provided in these new areas are visible to "guests" on this board as well.

    We have viewed many groups and photo albums started this week and have discovered that in some photo descriptions are the following:

    "... love of my life ... stationed in ___ until ___ with the ____ regiment ..."

    "... My daughter ____ ... ___ years old ... lives in ____ ... __ kids ... "

    If you fill in the blanks I'm positive we can get you the telephone numbers, Social security numbers, home address, place of employment etc for these people.

    If we can, so can the bad guys.

    Comments in the photo albums and social groups that break "OPSEC" will be removed or if needed, entirely deleted.
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