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The Facillitators creed

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  • The Facillitators creed

    This board has come a long way since it's founding in 2002. With growth come change and with change, new dynamics. When we first started, we were just 3 moderators. With far fewer members and posts, things were a lot simpler back then. Today we are several thousand members and many moderators. We have pretty strong parameters in place to govern the conduct of members but nothing for moderators. That's changing. The 'creed' below has been discussed by the moderators at some length and here is is in it's 'final' form - 'final' because like any living document, it is subject to change as the needs of the community change.

    Below are the essential points all moderators and admins have agreed to abide by. We hope, with Gods grace to fulfill these commitments.

    The facilitators Creed

    I am a facilitator not a moderator. As such I am here to serve, not to rule. I consider myself a servant of all and lord of none.

    As a facilitator I undertake with Godís grace:

    • To be gracious in ALL humility in all my dealings with members of this forum,
    • To be kind, courteous and helpful at all times,
    • Never to judge another member because s/he does not agree with my theology,
    • Never to push my own brand of theology at the cost of humiliating or hurting another,
    • To be Christ-like to fellow seekers in the knowledge that I do not have all the answers and never will,
    • To be accountable for my actions here since I am burdened with sin like anyone else and not above reproach,
    • To accept that I am not always right and, when rebuked by two or more members will never abuse my station by the use of coercion or force, but will do all in my power to be reconciled with a brother or sister in Christ,
    • I will pursue what is right and good with all my ability and make every attempt to keep this board a God honoring place, free from heresy and filth.
    I am here to serve not rule. If I am unable to abide by this creed, I will resign.
    Time's up