Bibleforums Guidelines... Please Read!

Posting Guidelines

As a private, moderated, Christian Message Board, we welcome people of all Christian denominations to post here. Unfortunately we also know from experience there always seem to be those select few who join solely for the purpose of mocking the faith of the members of the board or otherwise stirring up trouble for the sake of stirring up trouble. If this describes your motivation for joining, save both yourself and us the time and trouble and go elsewhere. We will not tolerate the mocking of our board, our members, our faith, and most importantly, our Lord.

In addition, we do not subscribe to the teachings of a number of religious institutions held to be contrary to Biblical truth. While those who embrace such doctrine may fellowship with other members, discussing, promoting or defending said theology and doctrine must be confined to Aeropagus--a special forum designated for that purpose. Groups to which the posting restrictions apply include the following:

1. Seventh Day Adventist (SDA)
2. Jehovah's Witnesses (JW)
3. Latter Day Saints (LDS)
4. ANY non-Christian religion, such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, etc.
5. Roman Catholicism.
6. Oneness/Non-Trinity
7. Universalism of any form to include Universal Reconciliation

Moreover, the following beliefs/doctrinal views must also be confined to the Aeropagus forum:

1. Denial of the Deity of Jesus Christ.
2. Denial of the Trinity
3. Mortalism/Soul Sleep
4. Universal Salvation/Universal Reconciliation.
5. That Jesus and Michael the archangel are one and the same being.
6. Serpent Seed Doctrine
7. Annihilationism (May also be discussed in the Controversial Issues forum).

I. Board Fellowship

We respect the convictions and beliefs of others, and ask that you do the same while here. Posts running counter to Christianity and the Bible as explained in the Scriptures must be in the appropriate forum, and framed in such a way as to earnestly seek clarification. We provide a place for fellowship and discussion of the Bible, not a pulpit. Proselytizing will not be tolerated. Bashing of the Bible or Christianity is strictly forbidden.If you persist in rude conduct or the pursuit of a private agenda contrary to our established guidelines, your posting privileges will be terminated.

II. Accounts

Each person may only have one account. Members using multiple accounts will be required to eliminate one. By extension, multiple users may not share one account. You must be 13 years of age to participate. We reserve the right to suspend the posting privileges or restrict specific forum access of any registered member without notice. Posts and threads may be edited for content, deleted or moved to the most appropriate forum any time at the sole discretion of the moderators/administrators of this message board. We reserve the right to remove any posts without notice to the author or those who have replied.

For more information on account privileges or general forum information, please visit our FAQs forum.

III. Conduct

As this is a Christian message board, conduct becoming a Christian is what is expected. We all come from different backgrounds and convictions and have our own individual personality and style of communicating via keyboard. Remember first and foremost that we come together because of Christ and stand under Him and are accountable in all we say and do. We do not have to agree. Allow disagreement to drive you into the Word for answers, knowing that none of us have a monopoly of truth and wisdom. Even in passionate debates, remember that we cannot find the bottom of the knowledge of God in the flesh. We are called into fellowship in order to share, uplift and grow in our shared faith. Insulting or belittling remarks, cutting down of opposing ideas and views, and conduct not befitting a brother or sister in the faith will not be tolerated. Keep your words well salted, in love, and centered in the Light. Also, criticism of this board or of the moderator team is not permitted in the threads. If you're unhappy about something, start a thread in the Chat to Moderators forum, and we'll talk about it there.

IV. Those who are not Christians

Bibleforums is a place where Christians can fellowship and discuss the Bible and matters relevant to the Christian faith. Special forums are provided for all others. During your time here, should you find yourself convinced of the saving grace of Christ Jesus, access to the entire board will become open to you for posting. Until then, you have posting privileges in the Christians Answer forum, and Areopagus, and respectful behavior is expected while posting within those forums. (Please read the sticky in Christians Answer for specific rules for posting in that forum). You may submit requests for prayer in the Prayer forum, but may not post in the prayer requests of others. You are also permitted to submit one introduction post in Introductions.

V. Status as a Christian Fellowship

This is a place where we come to fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ. This is not a biblical church such as the one you attend for worship and teaching corporately in your neighborhood, but it is indeed a fellowship gathering of those of the faith. Many come here to share the wisdom they have been given, to learn from others, to uplift in prayer, to share praise and to just have fun and enjoy the company of others. We ask that you respect your real time church, and keep perspective of the fact that although they seem similar there are things that that gathering can offer that are not yet possible here on the internet.

Further we will not allow members to bash or ridicule any church, most commonly seen stated as the organized church, or allow anyone to state that anyone ought to come out and remove themselves from any biblical church fellowship.

VI. Legalese

You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bibleforums the owners of this site and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission and/or content of your message(s).

Although Copyright of material posted by you will always remain yours, by posting on this board, you grant to BibleForums the perpetual and non-exclusive right to store and publish said material.