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Board Slow? Show us a traceroute

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  • Information Board Slow? Show us a traceroute

    If you are experiencing a slow connection to the message board the only real tool that will help us help you is for you to do a traceroute from wherever you are to the board. That will immediately show if there is a problem with your connection/ISP or with the board itself. In almost every case, the problem is not the board but a temporary routing problem with your local ISP.

    Here are some things you need to know

    1. ISP's have routing problems all the time. It happens more often than you think. gives a good idea of the current status of major routers around the world. You will notice that it is almost never 100% for all continents meaning there is always some major internet route down somewhere in the world.

    2. You connect from wherever you are to (or wherever you are trying to browse to) via multiple different routers/switches and even multiple carriers (a carrier is like AT&T or Global Crossing, SAVVIS or whatever). All of these routes and interconnections need to be perfect for you to have a fast connection to this message board or any other site.

    3. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. If just one of the routes along your path from where you are to where you are trying to reach is broken or slow, your browsing experience will either be very slow or not work at all.

    4. It is possible - even likely - that you will be able to connect to some sites "fast" while others are slow. In many cases this has nothing at all to do with the site you are connecting to but the path you take to get there.

    5. It is entirely possible that you experience difficulties connection to a certain site while someone living next door to you does not simply because they use a different ISP and therefore a different route to get to the same destination.

    5. traceroute allows you to identify those broken or slow links in the chain.

    6. In the example below, I have purposely made the traceroute "bad":
    • Hop #2 is broken
    • Except for hop #5, #6 and #7, all of the others are around half a second (some nearly one second). If this was you, your browsing experience would be painfully slow or not at all.

    Download (right click then select "save as") the video to see how to do a traceroute on a Windoze system.


    a. Without a traceroute, it's impossible to diagnose your particular issue.
    b. You need to perform the traceroute at the actual time you are experiencing to slowdown. It's pretty pointless to post a traceroute after the fact.
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    There is also a speed test you can do from here to confirm the server is working OK.
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