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    In an attempt to stop the drive by spammers, new members don't have some features until they reach 10 posts AND are members for at lease 7 days.

    When you first join, you will be in Members. After 10 posts you will be automatically promoted to Confirmed Members

    The original members group now works like so. (What everyone is until they reach 10 posts):
    1. No custom avatar allowed
    2. No profile picture allowed
    3. No uploading of images
    4. No Personal Messages
    5. No signature allowed
    6. No Social groups
    7. No albums

    Once a member reaches
    1. 10 posts,
    2. has been a member for 7 days
    3. has a reputation of 0 or more (in other words, not negative)

    s/he gets promoted to Confirmed member status which includes all the stuff above not available to Members

    We hope this helps in reducing the number of SPAM Messages.

    The attached image shows the rules for all usergroupd including two additional groups members are promoted to automatically on reaching specific criteria. These are: Advanced Members and 1000+ post members. Both of these user groups have additional priviledges. For example, larger Personal Message Boxes, the ability to send PM's to several people at once, more space for attachments, larger images, larger avatars and more.
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