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    What is a signature?
    A signature is a piece of text displayed at the bottom of your posts. It is enabled by default although you can disable it for selected individual posts. The primary reason for having a signature is to express an opinion on something or to post a quote that you like. Some people also use the signature for miscellaneous reasons (i.e. jokes and other forms of entertainment). You are not required to have a signature, although most people choose to have one, and it does not affect your membership status in any way.

    Can I have pictures, HTML, and tables in my signature?
    No you cannot. The board software will simply not allow this (as the administrator has disabled this feature for security reasons). You can however, format your text to be bold, italic, underlined, resized, or colored. Furthermore, some links which are not dubbed as SPAM will be allowed. Understand that moderators reserve the right to delete a link from your signature if they deem it to be inappropriate for our forum.

    How can I get a signature?
    You can get a signature by going to your UserCP (upper-left corner) and clicking, "Edit Signature." Type or paste the signature that you would like to have and press, "Save Changes."

    What type of signature is inappropriate?
    A signature that is offensive, vulgar, or just generally unfitting of a Christian Message Board will not be allowed. If in doubt, contact a moderator about the signature that you wish to have (prior to using it). Furthermore, signatures should not be very lengthy and you may be asked to resize your signature if it is too lengthy or takes too much space. As with all other things, moderators reserve the right to edit content of a signature if they deem it questionable.

    Why was my signature edited/deleted?
    If your signature has been edited or deleted by any of the moderators and you have not received a PM/Email as to the reasons of this modification, please contact any of the moderators and they will assist you and help you to avoid this case in the future.

    Why don't I see the option to have a custom signature in my profile?
    If you do not see this option it is most likely due to either one or any combination of the following requirements for a custom signature: You must be here for at least 7 days; you must have at least 10 posts; you must have a reputation equivalent to or greater than 0. If any of these are not met, than you will not see the option to change/create your signature. See this thread for more information about restrictions for new users.

    Note: Here are the current rules for signatures as set through the Administrator Control Panel.
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