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    What are Private Messages (PM)?

    Private Messages (abbreviated, "PM") are a way for members to communicate with each other without posting the message for the entire board to read.

    My PM system doesn't work, why?

    Your PM system will work once you have met the Spam Prevention requirements of being here for 7 days or more, posting at least 10 posts, and having a reputation of 0 or above. See this thread for more info

    Furthermore, if you are a confirmed member, than you might have reached the limit of the maximum allowed stored messages. See the question about maximum number of messages allowed to be stored below.

    What can I NOT use the PM system for?

    You cannot use the PM system for the following reasons: 1. Dating arrangements of any kind, especially if the other person is not interested. See this thread for more information. 2. Spam- users who are spamming other members will be banned immediately and may have further legal action taking against them. 3. Inappropriate content- just because the content is not publically viewable, doesn't mean that you are allowed to send any messages with a ton of cursing, etc. 4. Warez links (illegal software, cracks, serials, etc), pornographic content of any kind, and other such content which is against the general forum rules.

    How do I see my recieved messages?

    You have to go to your Private Message inbox. You can do this with several ways, but the easiest would be to simply click on the "Private Messages" link located at the top-right corner of the forum. [image].

    You can tell if a message has or hasn't already been read by you if the Subject of the message is bold or not. [image].

    How do I compose (write) a new message to someone?

    To compose a new message to someone go to your Private Message center (see above) and click on the link, "Send New" on the left menu [image]. You will now see a page which looks similar to the typical "Post Reply" window. The first field (named "Recepient Username(s)) is where you type in the name of the user to whom you are sending this message to. You can send the PM to multiple users by seperating them with a semicolon. [image]Make sure that you type in their name correctly, as if you don't, the message might go to another user. The next field is the subject field (which is the line that the user you are sending this to will see before they open the message). If you are sending a response to a PM you have recieved earlier, you will not need to fill out the subject of the user fields as they will be done for you. The one after that is the actual body of the text. Once you are done filling all of the fields (including the body), hit "Post Reply" to send the message to the user.

    How do I see the messages which I have sent to other users?

    In the main Private Messages screen you will see a drop-down box with two folder options (Inbox and Sent Items). Click on Sent Items and then "Go" and you will be taken to the folder with all of your sent messages (which you chose to save). [image]

    Is there a limit to how many PMs I can get or send? Is there a limit on how many I can store?
    There is no limit to how many you can send or receive, but there is a limit to how many you can keep archived in your profile. The current limit for regular confirmed members (that are allowed to use the PM) is: 90 messages. For advanced members (1,000 posts & more than 90 days) it is: 150

    When you reach the limit you will not be able to send or receive any more PMs. In order to regain such capability, you will have to delete some of the messages stored. Please note that the messages stored in your "Sent" and "Inbox" folders both count to the above mentioned limits.

    Can I save my Private Messages to my desktop?

    Yes, fortunately, the forum comes with a handy feature to save all of your PMs in several formats if you want to keep them on your computer for convenience or for backup. In the main Private Messages screen on the bottom of the screen you will see the words, "Download all Private Messages as :" and a list of formats. [image] You can then download the message in three formats, XML (open with your browser), TXT (open with Notepad), or CSV (open with MS Excel, etc). When you click on any of the formats, a window will popup asking if you want to "Save" or "Open" the file. Click on "Save" and choose where you want it saved to.
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