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    What does it mean when a thread is "locked?"
    A thread may be locked by any moderator or administrator who may deem it necessary. When a thread is locked, no new posts may be submitted to the thread by any members. This type of topic may be described as being 'archived' as it is still viewable. The threads that are locked will have the “lock” symbol next to them in forum view and will have the button replaced with the

    Why did a thread get locked?

    There are numerous circumstances under which a thread might get locked, but they almost always fall under these three categories: 1. Directly violating the forum rules. 2. A thread which is pointless in its nature and does not have any room for discussion on a Christian message board. 3. A thread with a heated debate which has resorted to name calling or other inappropriate posts.

    How do I know why my thread was locked?
    The moderator who locked the thread will typically post a brief explanation for why the thread was locked before locking it. If no explanation was posted or you just like to receive more information, you may contact the moderator who locked the thread via PM and they will provide you with more information if possible. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be provided with a “satisfactory” explanation to you and moderators do not have the obligation to provide you with a reason if they deem it unnecessary.

    How can I avoid getting my thread locked?

    The best way of not getting your thread locked (or deleted) is by not posting any threads or posts that are against the forum rules. Abstain from posting threads with topics that will definitely generate a largely heated debate on politics. Any political thread posted may be locked any time, which is why we encourage that you abstain from posting threads involving political issues (especially those concerned with criticizing current or recent administration of any country). If you really want to post a political post, consider posting it in the Controversial Forums. Another way to avoid having your thread locked is by attempting to get it back on topic and stop the name calling by kindly asking everybody who is participating in that thread.

    How do I get my thread unlocked?
    First of all, you should understand the reason for why your thread was locked in the first place by either asking a mod via PM or looking for an explanation on that thread. If, after understanding why your thread got locked, you still think that your thread should be unlocked, you may PM the moderator who locked your thread with a detailed description of why you think your thread should be unlocked. If, however, you simply provide the reason of, “This isn’t fair!” you will almost definitely not receive a response. If you have provided a detailed description as to why your thread should get unlocked the moderators might talk to other moderators if necessary and tell you their final decision.
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