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    Why would someone want to post an image on a forum?

    The most common reason for posting an image on a forum is to support your statement with a visual representation of a particular object or scene. For example, if one is trying to convey a particular statistic (or paramater), they might post an image of a chart or a graph to easily present their information. The uses for posting images on a forum are limitless.

    What type of images can I not post?

    You are absolutely prohibited in posting images that are inappropriate for a Christian forum (bloody, gross, unfitting humor, pornographic, excessively large (in terms of size) images, etc). If you are wondering if an image that you wish to post is appropriate for BibleForums or not, DO NOT POST IT. Rather, contact any moderator to make sure. Do not contact moderators with questions pertaining to images that are obviously inappropriate as it may result in actions listed next. Posting an image that fits any of the categories (and then some) listed above will be taken as a very serious offense and might directly result in a ban and/or deletion of your user account. Multiple offenses may result in other disciplinary actions (including banning of an IP range or report to your ISP).

    Please avoid posting very large pictures as they will stretch people's screens and force users with smaller resolution monitors to scroll horizontally. If you need to resize an image to make it smaller, please see below.

    What are copyrighted images?

    Some images have copyrights and their terms and conditions state that they are not to be posted on any websites (some without, and some even with, proper credit given to the author). It is absolutely your responsibility to make sure that the image you have posted bares no such copyright.

    How can I post an image?

    You can post an image through two basic ways: either as an attachment or as a hot-link.

    What are the difference between an attachment and a hot-link?

    An attachment is an image that you upload to the server which hosts BibleForums from your computer. It is generally the way to go if an image you wish to post is located on your hard drive. A hot-link on the other hand is a way to post images by placing a direct link to them within the code tags . It is generally the way to go if the image is already located on the web, you know its address, and the host doesn't mind you hot-linking to the image.

    Attachments and hot-linked type of images appear a bit differently in the post itself. Here is a comparison of how they look: An attachment (the image of which you click to enlarge it) [image] A hot-link (which shows up in original size right away): [image].

    Posting attachments (including images)

    To post an attachment, you must first meet the requirements set forth by the Spam Prevention thread, you must also have the file saved on your hard drive.

    Start by posting a post in the normal post window (not 'quick reply'). Next, write out your message as you wish it to appear. When you have finished typing up the post, click on the "Manage Attachments" button located just below the post window. [image]. After you have done this a window will pop-up. Click on the "Browse" button. Now navigate and open the file you wish to upload. Once you have done this click the "Upload" button to upload the file. After you are finished just click the "Close Window" button and the attachment will appear at the bottom of your post when you post it.

    Posting an image as a hot-link

    To post an image as a hot-link, you first need to find the actual URL of the image. To do this, in the majority of the browsers: Right click on the image>--Click on "Properties">--Now you will see a window with an address of the image. The address should end in something like ".jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, etc" Select the address by highlighting it [image]. Now press: Ctrl+C to copy the address you have selected. Next, you need to paste (Ctrl+V) the link in between of the code tags in the following manner:


    The picture that I have posted says, "Hot-linking prohibited" or "Direct linking not allowed" etc. Why?

    This means that the hoster of the image does not permit you to direct link to the image hosted on his webserver. The reason for this is because every time somebody views the image that you have hot-linked, they are taking up bandwith of the hoster who hosts the image, which is why some web administrators disallow you to direct link to their images.

    If you are sure that you can post the image and there is no copyright policy prohibiting you from doing so, but the hoster doesn't allow this, consider saving the image to your hard drive first and then using the 'attachment' method.

    The picture I have is too big for the forum. How can I resize it?

    You can resize a picture by using various image editing applications available. One of such applications is the free tool PIXresizer. Another tool with slightly less features is the Microsoft XP Power Toys Image Resizer (for Windows XP).

    The picture I have is in a different format than allowed, how do I convert it?

    You can vconvert an image to a different format by using various image editing applications supporting them. One of such applications is the free tool Irfanview.

    As with all information you agree to bare any and all responsibility pertaining to copyright abuse of images!

    SEE ALSO for a "HOWTO"
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