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Guideline to writing articles

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  • Guideline to writing articles

    If you are good at writing and have something to say, read on.

    I guess the first thing is what is an article? You should find the answer and several other bits of information here so read this first:

    If you want to write an article, here are the general things to know before you begin:

    About the content of an article
    • It should not be too long or too short. Aim for 1,000 - 2,000 words.
    • Try not to use to many "I's" and "Me's". Third person is good for articles.
    • Remember an article is not a post. It has to be "good stuff" - spelling, grammar, punctuation, content especially, and even a bit of humor in a serious article makes for a good read.
    • Write on any topic. We will create new content section as we go along BUT ...
    • remember who your audience is: our members. Your article must reach them.
    • Articles may have images (but keep them matchbox size)
    • Articles with immediate relevance will probably be considered more readily - for example breaking news in ______ massive blast rocks ____ ...
    • If you write an article of "immediacy" like a terrorist attack 10 minutes ago, time to getting it published is critical. Use the Chat to moderators or PM an admin who is online to get their attention.
    • Remember our rules about Copyright. Plagiarism is frowned upon in general board posts and even more so in articles. Articles must be your original work.
    • Please remember that posting an article does not guarantee it will be published.

    Where do you write articles and how does it work?

    • From time to time we will take regular threads on the board of exceptional quality and promote them to articles. However, this will probably be the exception rather than the rule.
    • The Budding Writers forum here is where you write your article(s) and post them like you would a regular post.
    • The Budding Writers forum is private so only staff can read what you wrote.
    • If you write something and we like what we see, it will be published to an article (under your name) on the main page. Simple as that.
    • Please see article writing as something akin to submitting an article to a magazine. Just because you wrote it does not mean it will be published. There are many reasons we may choose not to publish sometinhg and not being good enough is only one reason. There are many more so if your first article does not get published, please do not give up!

    How will we know when your article is "done"?

    • As with anything, your article may go through several revisions before you are happy with it. Simply keep editing it until you are happy with it and once you are, write the words Ready for publication where we can easily see it (like at the top).
    • If the system will not allow you to edit after a day or two, not a problem, just post a reply with the new content. We will always look at the last post of your article. (Remember, only you can see or reply to the article so it will only be your words in the thread).
    • IMPORTANT: Always put new (different) articles in new (different) threads. One article per thread only.

    PS. As we figure this out so more will be added here.

    Happy writing!
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