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    What are User Notes?

    User notes are a feature of vBulletin that allows allows messages to be sent to a particular user, who may not edit/delete them. Essentially, the system is somewhat similar to Private Messaging, but there are several distinctions:

    1. The recepient user (the one recieving the User Note from another user) is unable to edit or delete the note.

    2. The poster of a User Note cannot track/see their posted User Notes for others.

    3. No other regular user besides the one recieving the User Note can see the notes of others.

    4. All moderators are able to see, edit, and delete User Notes for all members.

    Who can use User Notes?

    User Notes can be used by anyone who has met the Spam Prevention guidelines. To post a User Note for a member, simply click on their name within any post and choose, "View Public Profile" from the menu that pops up and you will be redirected to their profile.[image] From within their profile you will see an option entitled, "Post User Note." [image] Click on it and you will be able to post a User Note for the poster just as you would typically post a regular post.

    What can I use User Notes for?

    Although the preferred method of communication for complementing others is typically the Reputation System and Private Messaging, one may still use User Notes to leave general positive comments to other posters (i.e. I am thankful for your ability to comfort others).

    Although not commonly used on BibleForums, moderators may also sometimes place warnings with the User Note function to other members if their behavior becomes troublesome and to help other moderators remember the behavior of members. [image]

    What can I NOT use the User Notes for?

    You may not use the User Notes to post any inappropriate content, including, but not limited to: inappropriate words, inappropriate images (see "Posting Images: Extensive Guide), direct insults, etc. Moderators can see all User Notes and they will take action against anyone who is misusing the system if deemed necessary.
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