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STARS Under usernames (User Rank)

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  • Information STARS Under usernames (User Rank)

    If you are wondering what the ** symbols mean user user names This is what they mean

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    Time's up

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    I'm glad you posted this. I just noticed the stars and didn't know where to ask.

    Thank you
    This IGNORE button is by far one of the most useful tools I've used to keep my peace while navigating through some of the madness.


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      There's a mistake. I don't have the 50 000 star symbol!...kidding of course and thanks for telling us what's up.

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        Ah, this inquiring mind now knows! Been entertaining seeing it all fall into place!
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        Only when all else pales to God, when He receives all glory,
        when He is the source of all hope,
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        will all other things be added unto to you.