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  • God bless you all

    Hello everyone.

    Andy here. 34 years old. Married with two small kids. Born, raised, live in England, white/English ancestry etc. Christened as a baby but not brought up religiously. Found God/finding Christ largely by listening to my own conscience. Have spent half my life gradually becoming enslaved to porn addiction and pray that I'm able to successfully break the chains one day and put the filth behind me. Countless other sins, I'm sure, but sexual sin has exercised the most penetrating mental anxiety (and, I believe, has tainted my soul the most) regarding how I see the world around me. Have been on anti-depressants for several years after coming to terms with suicidal ideation and have been relatively stable since. Bouts of anger but noway near as much despair. All the same, I pray that I can one day be free of these chains as well.

    I've been reading my Bible (NIV) fairly consistently these past few weeks and it feels like a good time to reach out to fellow believers within God's community. I'm not (including pre-pandemic) an enthusiastic church-goer and I've always considered myself a bit of a loner. Although this has improved recently as I've made more of an effort to get out running and have made friends through this shared passion. I have partially informed yet instinctive political & social views and this often causes a distraction within my own personal & spiritual development but, broadly speaking, I'm humanitarian and patriotic and don't recognise any contradiction between the two.

    Will likely have a few questions to discuss as I progress with my Bible study but just taking the opportunity to lay myself bare and say 'hi' to begin with.

    [absent Bible quote for this intro]

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    Welcome aboard!! I read the NIV, but also King James, ESV, and a few more. ESV is my go to Bible.
    "'s your nickel"


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      Thank you. I always have a KJV at hand to compare the sound of certain passages and often get more drawn in to the quality of the older English.


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        God bless you. As hope you enjoy on here. Love all transitions of the Bible. But it is no matter what. God's Word! Made alive by Grace and Salvation!


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          Thank you. The power of God's word can be felt deeply when I hold it in my hands.


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            Welcome to bibleforums Andrew ! Praying for you to break the chains .


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              Thank you, my friend.


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                Hello, and welcome. Most of us have been enslaved to one thing or another at sometime in our lives. That you are looking for escape from the chains holding you there is an important step.

                Reading your Bible, no matter what the version, is a good addiction. And you never know when you will stumble across something that will help you with the other (bad) addiction.

                You sure have the right attitude; good luck in making progress.
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                  Thank you, my friend.


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                    God bless you. Hope you love it here. Welcome!


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                      Hello Andrew, welcome to BibleForums. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

                      John 15:17 "These things I command you, that ye love one another."