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    Bayless Conley threatened to ram a two-edged sword down my throat and throw me under a train.

    He also asked, "where is the nearest train station?"

    They all kicked me out. They just lock the doors.

    I have perfect knowledge of the entire Holy Bible. Any questions?

    Kevin Silva


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      Originally posted by Doug Brents

      For what reason were you kicked out?
      Hey Doug, Kevin is not a member of the forum any longer. Under his name is the word, "guest" meaning he's been banned from this forum.

      ~"In the turmoil of any chaos, all it takes is that whisper that is heard like thunder over all the noise and the chaos seems to go away, focus returns and we are comforted in knowing that God has listened to our cry for help."~

      ~John 6:62 What then if you should see the Son of Man ascend where He was before?~ (Jesus is Eternal - existed before becoming a man)


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        During the virus in summer, the church I attend meets in a park for the social distancing.


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          Originally posted by teddyv View Post
          We generally attend weekly.
          I did until Covid. I will go back when they stop the non sense. I dont like stupid rules that are put in place based on emotion and not fact based practicality.


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            Before COVID, weekly.
            This IGNORE button is by far one of the most useful tools I've used to keep my peace while navigating through some of the madness.


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              I haven't had a home church for a long time. But my faith has not wavered.