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Question about praying for someone and healing

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  • Question about praying for someone and healing

    I would be interested in your thoughts if we should pray for healing for someone who doesn't believe God could heal them. I can't think of any examples in the Bible about this, and I just don't know of any scriptures this applies to.

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    When Jesus was walking through the land, the Bible says "He healed all their sick." It doesn't say that everyone expected to be healed. Mary and Martha started off doubting that Jesus woud raise their brother, but He did... and there was the man who asked Jesus to "help his unbelief." The man knew he didn't have enough faith, and asked God to help him.

    From a personal point of view, I became Christian when God miraculously intervened for my husband... he was on a hospital gurney, so sick they couldn't even move him to the AR without him stroking out. At the time he was an athiest, and I was a witch. I realised that there was nothing anyone could do, and not even knowing exactly what I was doing I cried out, "Dear God, please God, help me God." Five minutes later my husband was sitting up talking, and the doctors sent him home that day. He'd gone into hospital with acute sepsis, which simply vanished for no reason.

    Neither my husband nor I believed that God could heal him... but He intervened anyway.

    More recently, I was on a missionary trip to South Africa, and a woman at the teaching centre we were staying (a student, not one of the missionaries) was suddenly taken bad with a recurring stomach problem. She had ulcers, and was vomitting blood. We ran into her as her co-students were trying to get her to the car to get her to hospital. Myself and another Christian put our arms round her to hold her up, and started praying. All we could say was the name of Jesus to begin with, but she also began to pray, her clamminess went away, and although she went to the hospital (with blood all down her shirt) when they checked her, the ulceration had completely vanished.

    She came to speak to our team the next day, and is now a believer.

    Sometimes God will heal someone, if He knows that it is for His good purpose.

    So if you pray for healing for someone, pray that it is for God's glory, that the healing will bring honour and praise to His name.

    Maybe He will heal, maybe He won't... it's in His hands. But it's certainly within His power to do so. Pray for your friend and trust God. He knows what He's doing.
    Please could everyone pray for Mieke and Charles.

    My testimony


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      Thank you daughter. Wow, your testimony is incredible. There was a time in my life where I would have been skeptical about that, but I do believe in miracles and I believe God is so awesome.


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        Christ has compassion on this poor fallen world.
        He healed a gentiles child.
        Mark 7 vs 24-30 [I think]

        When my youngest daughter was born she was full term but a very tiny 5lb. She had very severe failure to thrive and by six weeks she weighed less than 3lb and every bone in her body stuck out to the point her skin was abrading. There was nothing the regional peadaitric hospital could do and they had tried except offer palaitive care and asked if I wanted to take her home to die or stay in hospital with her whilst she died. I was not a happy over either option.
        I was anything but a Christian and had some strong reservations about asking the deity I had affinity with for help.
        I ended up wondering from the hospital into the nearby cathedral lighting a candle and just pouring out my heart to an entity I was not even sure was there. To make a ghastly situation even worse my husband was stuck in Germany and could not get a flight home.
        I took my daughter home to die and planned her funeral.
        Two days later she was still alive, seven days later the doctors got excited. She had gained less than half a ounce in weight. It was not a fast recovery but it was a steady one she managed to reach 10lb for her first birthday.
        How could a tiny bay believe when her mother certainly did not?

        Strange thing was because she survived I figured a God I did not have must have had a hand in something because I told my husband to ask a local church to dedicate her to Christ and meant it.
        Now she is a tiny tween with big ideas who wants to fill the world with paintings and stories and a faith that lights people up at church.

        Can God heal, yes. Does he always in his world? No.
        He knows what is needed so ask him anyway.
        Grace is the gift of Christ, who exposes the gulf which separates God and man, and, by exposing it, bridges it. [K Barth]


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          Elouise, that is absolutely beautiful... and it's an example of what God heals FOR. Sometimes he heals physically, but most of all, He heals us spiritually, and brings us back to Him. That healing had such purpose in your life, your whole family's, and I'm really glad to hear of it!
          Please could everyone pray for Mieke and Charles.

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            Elouise, I thank you for sharing that. What a beautiful story. And it reinforces my belief how God cares for everyone and miracles do still happen.


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              Thank you both for thaose encouraging stories. My father died of parkinsons disease at 62 and when I was 19 I would shake so much that if I carried a cup and saucer I had to use both hands. At 25 I went on a Youth With A Mission "Discipleship Training School" and they prayed for me. I stopped shaking and 24 years later am still in perfect health.
              I also don't know why God heals some and doesn't heal others, but I sure am grateful he healed me.!

              Scriptural examples of healings:
              Luke 22:51- I'm sure he was quite surprised and overjoyed to get his ear back.
              Acts 3:1-10 - he was begging for money, not seeking healing.
              Luke 9:38-42 - I don't know if the boy knew what was wrong with him, scripture does not tell us if he was capable of believing or not.
              I wonder if Lazarus prayed for healing before he died? hmm...
              God Bless


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                James 5:14.

                Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders(presbyteros) of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

                The Bible uses elders, bishops, presbyters interchangeably.

                So it's the elders(church leadership) job to pray for the sick in Church.


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                  Praise the Lord....our wonderful HEALER!!!!!! Thank you Jesus for paying for our healings on the cross, by YOUR stripes....Thank you Lord for YOUR compassion and mercy....and all the glory be YOURS!!!!
                  John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have eternal life.

                  My testimony:


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                    When my wife and I were first married, a couple from our church found out that their unborn baby had a serious heart defect. They said it was likely the baby girl would die in her womb, and even if she didn't she wouldn't survive more than a few hours outside. She was given 0% chance of survival - they were that confident. The couple decided to deliver the baby anyway, and when she was born, she was completely healthy! They could not detect any form of heart defect anymore; it seemed to have "corrected itself" over the last month of pregnancy.

                    I have no doubt this was God intervening on her behalf, because of the prayers of the parents, their friends and our church. It was an incredibly miracle! The girl is in her first year of college this year.