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  • The harvester are few

    As the new year begins I would like to bring a thought to all of you that is extremely important, particularly with the situation of the world today. Jesus Christ gave us only one command while He was with us. Very few of the things that happened while He was here were mentioned in all four gospels. The one thing that was mentioned in all four of the gospels and also in the book of Acts was the Great Commission. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you have become one of His disciples. Christ wants us all to be active in reaching out to others, helping them to be baptized and teaching so that they also may teach. He tells us that the lost are many but the harvesters are few.

    I believe that the missionaries of the Southern Baptist Convention baptized 8,000,000 people in the mission fields 2007. There are here in my home state of Illinois 8,000,000 people that are lost to Christ. Can you imagine how many people there are in the civilized parts of the world that are not hearing God's word.

    Many do not feel confident sharing God's word. You would beseech you all to find ways of becoming capable of sharing God's word.

    Please remember that parable about the guard in the watchtower. If he passed on the warning, that was all he could possibly do but if he failed to warn the people he would be the one to blame. We commit sins of commission and we commit sins of ommission. Please do not fail to warn others. Please make 2009 a year when more harvesters began working the fields.
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