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Why choose true love?

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  • Why choose true love?

    True love is selfless, unconditional and sacrificial. True love, therefore, does not make a distinction between friend or foe; will put otherís interest and life ahead of oneís own; will forgive without any limit; will not take revenge; is humble, patient and kind; will never seeks reward for acts of love and see the opportunity to serve others itself a reward; will love others even in face of betrayal and hurt; and is free of anxiety, fear, hate, jealousy, greed and lust. Those who exercise true love, therefore, love and forgive their enemies; will never divorce their spouse; will respect all human beings at all stages of their life.
    In order to have true love in our heart we must know what true love is and sincerely desire it. In order to know true love we must internalize the ultimate act of true love, in which God (in the person of Jesus) not only became one of us and shared in our sufferings; but also sacrificed His own life to bring eternal life to us who rejected Him, were unfaithful to Him and killed Him.
    Many people believe that in order to survive we must protect our own interest. The fact is that because of the uncertainties in life it is impossible to have full-proof protection for anything. In addition, when we die we will have to leave behind everything we have. On the other hand true love can not be destroyed by death, because it resides in our spirit. It is therefore, our only eternal treasure.

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    Love in action is a verb, a commitment to protect or preserve another person's best interests and not my own.