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    Originally posted by markdrums View Post
    Well I'll tell ya what.... if you happen to actually FIND an expert on prophecy, share his / her name with me so I can ask them a few things too!!

    Anyway, I think the reference to "Coming on clouds" has a different intended meaning than, coming back to rapture the church.

    If we look back at the Old Testament, we'll see that the word "clouds" is used as a metaphor for judgment.
    We're also told that when Jesus was to "come on clouds", "Even those who pierced him" would see his Glory, at the right hand of the Father.

    So, that would indicate a first century event. Because by now, ALL the people involved in his crucifixion have long sense passed.

    The coming on clouds reference of Judgment, was fully realized and fulfilled with the destruction of the temple.

    If you get a chance, check out how "clouds" & coming with clouds / coming on clouds (etc.) is used throughout the Bible.
    It's pretty interesting & enlightening.

    I have always saw the passage/prophecy concerning those who will see Chirst's wounds as when those in modern day Israel sees the Messiah coming back to Jerusalem and they will mourn because they rejected Him not just when it happened but after all of these years. In Zech. 12:10 it does in some ways seem as though the prophet is saying it is in the day that spirit of grace is given and it could be made to fit when Christ came to the those and they all received the Holy Spirit. Yet even though there was mourning in Jerusalem the whole city wasn't. Going into chpt. 13 it says that the Lord will cut off the names of the idols and the prophets and the unclean spirits to pass out of the land. That has not happened as far as I know! Yet more confusion it seems can be taken from John 19:37, its talking of the crucifixion and the prophecies attached to it and the one about looking upon Him is right there. Something I never really looked at before. I just love it when I see something new in something that I have read over and over before! Thanks! Just as something else I have read is the word 'meet' Him in the air, I believe that is something akin to like how one would greet royalty and I often describe it the way the Messiah was met on His way into Jerusalem on the donkey.