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  • 1 Chronicles 10:1

    1 Chronicles started out with a lot of names and sometimes the population of certain groups of people. Then in 10:1 it started talking about Saul taking his own life. Then after that it goes on to talk about King David's reign. This has been discussed previously in the Bible. Can someone explain to me what is going on?

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    Short version.

    It is a list of genealogies up to the time it was written in the first part.

    Then it goes over the time from Saul to the end of the exile. This covered in a different perspective in the previous books of Kings and Samuel.

    This answer your question?


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      Chronicles is sort of suppliment to Samuel and Kings. That is why you see so many things repeated and summarized in Chronicles.


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        1 Chronicles was written (by Ezra many think) during the post-exilic period (i.e. during the time after exiles returned from Assyria & Babylon). When many of the exiles returned to Jerusalem, they were disheartened by the fact Jerusalem had been destroyed and the fact the Messianic period hadn't started.

        The author of 1 Chronicles was trying to give hope to the exiles by reminding them of their rich history (and one that would one day return). The "boring" geneologies tied the "greatness of their history" to the pre-exilic period, thru the exilic period, and then post exilic period. To say it another way, the geneology reminded the exiles that the "lines of greatness" continued and survived the exilic period, providing much hope to them.

        The greatest part of their history was during King David's reign. So 1 Chron 10 begins by reminding the exiles who their first king was, namely King Saul (as way of an introduction to King David, their second King). When King Saul died, the "chronicle" truly starts with the greatness of King David.