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Trying to figure out if something is God's will or if it's my own will....

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  • Trying to figure out if something is God's will or if it's my own will....

    I left my church last month and have been looking for another one. I can't drive, so I have to find a ride to wherever I go. This has been a real problem since I don't know anyone that lives near me that goes to church.

    I've been talking to a guy that goes to a church in town. I've checked out the church website and listened to some of the sermons and this church "feels" like it would be right for me. This church has a lot to offer me spiritually and that I will be able to grow spiritually there. So I asked the guy if he would see if there was anyone that lives out my way that goes to his church. On May 25th, the guy told me that there is a couple that goes to his church that lives about 15 minutes from me. Several days went by and I didn't hear anything from him or those people. On June 1st, the guy told me that there was some confusing and the people that he had talked to told him that there were some other people that go to their church that passes right by my house. The guy told me that he talked to those people and they said they'd give me a ride to church. He told me that he'd try to get in touch with them this past week to see if they would give me a ride to church this past Sunday. But I never heard from him or those people about going to church this past Sunday. But I found out that the guy had a death in his family at the end of last week, so I can understand him not getting back to me. He's out of town this week, so I can't talk to him.

    I have looked up this couples phone number and have thought about contacting them myself to see if I can ride with them to church this Sunday, otherwise I'd have to wait another week before I can go to church. But I'm uncomfortable about doing that. I don't even like calling people I know, so I definitely don't like the idea of calling someone I have never talked to before.

    I've been praying for a while (even before I left my old church) for the Lord to lead me to the right church and to open a door for me to get there. But I'm now trying to figure out if I have forced this until I found a way to this church or if the Lord really has opened a door for me to go to this church. I think the situation is really good since the people pass right by my house. In fact, there isn't going to be a better situation because I don't want to inconvenience someone by coming out of their way to take me to church. But now I feel that if I may have "forced" this by asking the guy many times about this. But sometimes it takes time and work for the Lord to open a door.

    Is there a way for me to figure out if this is where the Lord is leading me to or if I'm the one that wants to go there? Should I personally contact this couple to ask them if they would give me a ride to their church? The guy was supposed to give them my number for them to get in touch with me.
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    I'd just ring the couple (prayer & action go hand in hand) and I'm sure it will work out fine. Honestly I think you are over-analysing this whole situation and turning it into a bit of an ordeal. God's will is for Christians to be in regular fellowship with one another (Heb 10:24-25) so as long the church is doctrinally sound and Christ honouring you should pursue this avenue with confidence.



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      This is a struggle we all face at times. Is this God's Will or my own will?

      From what I've read, you're in doubt. So you need to turn around one hundred-eighty degrees then step forward.

      What I mean by that is it sounds like you're struggling with your own thoughts and feelings by being doubtful about this situation. Your own thoughts and feelings are being sent to your mind. Your mind sends this to your heart. Your heart sends this to your soul. Then your soul sends this to God.

      Turn around and start with God, God's Word. From God which will be sent to your soul, your heart, your mind, your thoughts and feelings then your social context.

      Don't worry if you're being inconvenience with someone who is willing to give you a ride. Just be thankful and rejoice with the LORD and thank whoever is helping you. You can always help them by paying gas money.


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        Are you able to take a taxi? I think it's nice when church's provide
        transportation for members/ guests. The reason I say taxi is I would
        check it out solo first and then if I knew it was a place I felt comfortable
        at then I would ask around for a ride but if I didn't like it I would have
        a hard time telling the nice people that picked me up to never bother
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        That I am a great sinner, and
        that Christ is a great Saviour.
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          That is so true that I over-analyze things. I'm trying to work on not doing that so much. I sent an email to the church office asking if they would pass my information onto this couple so that they can call me and we can get it worked out if they are willing to give me a ride to church. But no one responded to my email yet. But maybe they are just waiting until they find out something before she responds back.

          This church does provide transportation and the guy I've been talking to told me that they church secretary said that they would come out and get me in the church van if I couldn't find another way. But I don't really like that option because of gas prices and it would be about an hour round trip for them to come out and get me. I can't take a taxi to church because it would be way too expensive.

          I guess the reason that I'm wondering if this is something that I'm wanting instead of what the Lord wants is because the plans fell through twice to get to this church. I asked the guy on May 22nd if he found anything out about transportation and that is when he told me that he did found someone that lives out towards me. He said he'd talk to them that Sunday morning, May 25th, to see if I could get a ride to church that night. But I never heard from anyone that day. The same thing happened the next Sunday, June 1st, with the guy saying that he'd see if I could get a ride to church that night. But again I didn't hear from anyone that day. But I now remember that it was stormy on and off all day that Sunday, so maybe that's why they didn't contact me that day. But the next day I contacted the guy and he told me that there had been some confusing and that the couple that he had talked to told him there was a couple that goes to their church that passes my house. He said that he talked to them and that they said they'd give me a ride and he also said that he gave them my number. But it's been over a week and they still haven't called. So I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm not meant to go to this church. But on the other hand, I'm not going to find a better transportation situation. So I'm just confused about this.


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            Originally posted by *Living~By~Faith* View Post
            Is there a way for me to figure out if this is where the Lord is leading me to or if I'm the one that wants to go there? .
            The only way you'll discover if that church is right for you is to go there several times. (if you only go once you may well get a false idea, and consider them warmer or colder than usual)


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              Last night I emailed a guy that I went to school with to see about coming to his church, since I hadn't heard back from anyone that goes to the other church. He is the co-pastor at the church. He told me in the past that there is a couple that lives within fifteen minutes from me that would give me a ride if I ever wanted to come to his church. Well today I received a phone call from someone from the other church. Now I have the option of going to two churches this Sunday. Which neither is 100% definite yet, but I now have to decide which one I want to go to if I hear back from both people. I'm leaning towards the first one that I'm interested in, but I don't know how to tell my friend that I changed my mind about coming to his church. But when I emailed him I did mention something about needing to find a church that is right for my spiritual needs and that I hope he understands if I don't feel like his church isn't right for me. His church is new and doesn't have many members and isn't very active yet, which is reason I haven't had any interest in checking it out sooner. But I won't know for sure if his church is right for me until I check it out in person.


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                building a church can be a beautiful experience and something that can grow your faith. Ask God for advice, he will move you to the right one.
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                  How do we recognise God's voice is a fascinating question - how did He tell you to leave your last church?

                  The reason I ask is that He often talks to us individually in a similar way each time.
                  Nigel [down under]

                  God has designed a purpose/vision/dream for us all - have you found yours?

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                    I left my church because I was no longer growing spiritually there or getting anything out of the services. The church that I'm interested in is about to start a New Beginner's SS class, which I know I would greatly benefit from. But another Sunday has went by and I still haven't heard anything from the people that pass by my house. So I'm taking that as maybe I'm not meant to go to that church. I'm going to start going to the church that my friend co-pastors next Sunday, if I don't hear anything from the people within the next couple of days.


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                      Thanks for the clarification. It must have been an interesting church that didn't grow you spiritually when you say that a New Believers group is what you would like to attend.

                      I trust that you find a new church real soon and that the transport won't prove to be a problem
                      Nigel [down under]

                      God has designed a purpose/vision/dream for us all - have you found yours?

                      Learn to D.R.E.A.M.