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What is life?

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  • What is life?

    Living organisms are in a constant state of well orchestrated activities. These activities cannot happen on their own; unless there is a force to initiate and sustain them. This force is the life of the organism. This force, unlike other forces in nature is not static, but dynamic and intelligent. It is dynamic because it sustains a life process that is extremely dynamic. It is intelligent because it orchestrates an extremely complex life process. For example it orchestrates the development of a single cells embryo into a fully grow human being with an extremely complex brain. Therefore, although a single cell embryo does not have a brain it does have a life that is extremely intelligent. One can get a faint idea about this intelligence if we look at computers. Computers do not have brain. Yet they perform some extremely complex and intelligent tasks. Some people call it computer intelligence.Life is however much more than a computer because it is dynamic, self-sustaining, constructive and reproductive. Furthermore, its intelligence is far greater than the most powerful computer we can ever build. This is evident by the fact that it orchestrates the building and functioning of multiple highly complex organs, including a highly intelligent human brain with memory capacity approximately equal to 20,000 computers. Life, therefore, is a dynamic and intelligent force that keeps organisms functionally active.

    Functions of living organisms include: growth, development, self-preservation and reproduction. These functions are all related to their bodies. Human beings however, also have functions that are not related to the body. These functions include: creative and rational thinking and moral decision making. Therefore, human life, which is involved in developing and maintaining these functions transcends the body and does not die with the death of the body. Furthermore, these functions mirror those of Godís. Human life therefore is sacred. In addition, since this life enters human body at conception human life is sacred from the moment of conception.