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Some Thoughts On Man Made In The Image Of God.

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  • Some Thoughts On Man Made In The Image Of God.

    Genesis 1:27 "God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created them."

    If you want to know what God is like, go into your bathroom and look in the mirror at yourself,
    and you will see and know what God is like. You were created in God's image.

    ( I obviously do NOT mean your physical image or your physical appearance. )

    I interpret the "image of God" in Genesis 1:27 to be as follows:

    (1) God has an Intellect --- man has an Intellect.

    (2) God has a Free Will (volition) --- man has a Free Will

    (3) God has Emotions --- man has Emotions.

    These are the 3 major areas that demonstrate the image of God in human beings.

    Further breakdown of the 3 major areas.

    (4) God is Creative --- man is Creative.

    (5) God can Love --- man can Love.

    (6) God can Cry ("Jesus wept") --- man can Cry.

    (7) God can be Jealous --- man can be Jealous.

    ( 8 ) God can experience Joy --- man can experience Joy.

    (9) God can have Patience --- man can have Patience.

    (10) God can express Kindness --- man can express Kindness.

    (11) God can express Gentleness --- man can express Gentleness.

    (12) God can express Wrath --- man can express Wrath.

    (13) God creates Magnificent Art Works (in nature) --- man creates Magnificent Art Works (eg. cathedrals)

    (14) God Writes Books (the Bible) --- man Writes Books.

    (15) God feels Empathy --- man feels Empathy.

    (16) God feels Sympathy --- man feels Sympathy.

    (17) God makes Long-Term Plans --- man makes Long-Term Plans.

    (18 )God can Speak --- man can Speak

    Yes, God made man in His own image.


    There is much more that can be added to that up there.