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When was the bible written?

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  • When was the bible written?

    I know that Paul's letters were written decades after Jesus' death in 33AD, and Rev. was written towards the turn of the 1st centruy, and the gospels came 400 yrs after the OT. But specifically ,when did Moses write the 1st 5 books of the bible/how'd he know what occured in Genesis?

  • #2 lists Israel's sojurn to Egypt as 1871 BC which would have them leaving after a 430 year peroid about 1441 BC. The details of their wandering in the desert (40 years) probably point to Moses finishing his writing close to the end of that 'detour.' My firm belief in the inspiration of scripture leads me to say that the Spirit of God moved him to write what he could not have experienced in Genesis. Plus in all likelihood, Moses already had some familiarity with those accounts from oral traditions.