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    In 1962, when I was seventeen, I joined the US Army and remained in the service for eight years. The very first thing I understood was that by becoming a member of the US Armed Forces I owed my life to the citizens of my country. They were only paying me ninety some dollars a month but the contract I signed sold my unwavering service for three years. I enjoyed my duty so much that I did an early out to re-enlist for duty overseas and ended up with eight years of service and three tours of combat.

    Rom 12:1 Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

    My first two years as a Christian were spent learning the protocol for my new position in life. You see,
    just as Paul taught in Romans 12:1 we, as the Adopted Children, have responsibilities to cover. The four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are the recorded examples of the model we are to seek after for our own lives. I will never tell anyone that they will or can be just like Christ because He is God and we will never be.

    On the other hand the day I joined the Army I knew I did not want to be “canon fodder” for my entire career and began to emulate my superiors. Because of my love for my helicopter, 806 was my baby, and my seeking to become a better soldier I soon was a Specialist Fifth Class, the same as a Sergeant. Because I am a Saved Man, I want to be a member of “The Bride of Christ.” (Don't worry men, nobody gives birth in Heaven)

    Perhaps my most used scriptures in the New Testament, not including The Roman Road, are Matthew 22:2-14 and Luke 14:16-24, the Parable of the Wedding Feast. If we have been in church very long, without ever reading our Bible, we know that there are the two classes of people, described in the parable, and that anyone standing the Great White Throne Judgment will not be at the feast. All of the guests and the members of the Bride will remain in Heaven forever but why settle for second class, a guest?

    These folks are eternally saved but they failed to make that end run for the touch down and some have even handed off the ball, just short of the mark. A student of mine, recently, without any malice, told me that not everyone could be holy like me. I will never be able to express the pain that struck in my heart because nothing can be farther from the truth. The only holiness that I have is the fact that I've been set apart for service to my LORD. All of my righteousness is the Imputed Righteousness of My Savior.

    I will lie to no one, being a living sacrifice is not easy but neither is it difficult. The only trouble we encounter in following Jesus is the natural man we all carry around with us but id we make the decision to live for Christ it is not impossible to do. It just requires devotion.

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    Great post. Thanks for sharing Bill.
    This IGNORE button is by far one of the most useful tools I've used to keep my peace while navigating through some of the madness.


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      Thank you for your service to this country, and nice hat.
      If Satan can keep us busy swinging our swords at one another, there is no hope of a united attack on the kingdom of darkness. KJV, NIV, ESV or ABCDEFG; there is no time to bicker over such things. We'll devour each other if allowed to continue. We should grab the marching orders written in the way we best understand and get to work.