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Mother Passed Away-Time to get closer to the Lord-Translation: CSB, NAS, NLT, NIV?

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  • Mother Passed Away-Time to get closer to the Lord-Translation: CSB, NAS, NLT, NIV?

    During the last month the Lord and I have talked quite a bit.

    My mother went into ICU about a month ago due to a large amount of fluid build up steming from a heart condition. They removed over 15 liters of fluid from her body, watched her carefully for a while, and then moved her into a standard hospital room. She didn't eat very well for the next several days but then one day she ate tremendously. So the following day they moved her to a rehab center. Within 5 days she was back in ICU due to a heart rate that they couldn't control and extremely low blood pressure. They moved her out of ICU once they got her stabilized but things progressively go worse. Last Sunday they moved her into a Hospice facility to keep her comfortable and so she would be somewhere nice when she passed away.

    Monday night my sister sat by her side and talked (as well as laughed) about our childhood and the wonderful times we had with mom and dad. My mom couldn't 'hear' us but I know she heard our laughs and love for her and my dad (who passed 4 years ago). We talked for about 3.5 hours straight. About midnight we were talked out and fell asleep; my sister on one side of her and me on the other. At 12:30 the nurse woke us up and told us our mother had just passed away. She never felt any pain and passed away peacefully. As always, God's timing is perfect.

    My plan is to become closer to the Lord through this difficult time (always seems to work out that way doesn't it?).

    I'm going to read the Bible all the way through and in looking at my main choices of which translation to read, I have three:
    1) Holman Christian Standard Apologetics Study Bible
    2) New American Standard 'The Open Bible Expanded Edition' (1985)
    3) New Living Translation
    4) New Internation Version Study Bible

    Which of the 4 do you feel would be my best choice?

    OR...should I purchase an ESV Study Bible or a newer version of the New American Standard? What bothers me about the ESV Study Bible is that the words of Christ aren't in red although I find it a bit easier to read than the NASB.

    *For some reason the NIV Study Bible didn't show up on the just reply if you wish to choose that translation.

    Thank you for all your help.

    Holman CSB Apologetics
    Nelson NAS Open Bible

    The poll is expired.

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    Sorry to hear about the loss. And yes becoming colser to the Lord through difficult times always seem to work! It's amazing the peace, comfort and love that comes from Him! I haven't studied up on the different translations but I would go for the one that is most like the original manuscript. Which from the little I know would be KJV but since that for me is harder to understand I mainly use the NIV. (So I guess I vote NIV)


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      The New King James Version is just like the KJV but written in modern language so its easier to understand. I read that alot online but my personal bible is New Living Translation. (though I have many different bible translations I read out of this one most of the time).

      I would say pick the one that is the easiest for you to understand and please do not start in Genesis. You need to work on your relationship with Christ first...start in the NT...then go back and read the OT. The OT is very, very long...much longer then the NT and you could be reading on that for a very long time before you read about Jesus. While there is alot in the OT that refers to Him, you might not get the until you read about His life and death and resurrection.

      I am sorry about the loss of your mother too. I am glad you got to share some special time with her before she passed on.

      God bless
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        I know our Father will be with you.

        I will cast my vote for the ESV, but go with the one God leads you to.

        (I recommend against the NLT; it is not a very accurate translation in English... the translators insert words into the text, which drastically distorts the original meaning.)
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          I'm sorry about ur mom also.
          But I also suggest u lean towards NLT because its more streamlined!

          (edit: mark, you are right about them inserting words into the text, which can somethings change the meaning [rare]. Nevertheless that is what makes it streamline)
          We are his body, We are his representative, We are the extension of God to the earth. Every action should be a extension of God's love.


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            I am very sorry about your mother. Rest in the fact that what ever version you choose the Lord is able to teach you by His Spirit as you seek Him.

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              Originally posted by TripleB View Post
              OR...should I purchase an ESV Study Bible
              This would be one of the best choices - free on e-Sword...>>see e-sword web site...


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                I have no suggestions for you, but you have my deepest condolences towards your loss and GODS gain.
                If Satan can keep us busy swinging our swords at one another, there is no hope of a united attack on the kingdom of darkness. KJV, NIV, ESV or ABCDEFG; there is no time to bicker over such things. We'll devour each other if allowed to continue. We should grab the marching orders written in the way we best understand and get to work.