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    Many professing Christians in the western world, being so influenced by the unbelief of popular philosophies like Darwinian evolution, atheism, agnosticism, pantheism, and Freudian psychology, do not believe the Bible when it comes to things like 6 day creation (Exodus 20:11), giants, dragons, unicorns, or the existence of curses.

    I wish to address these issues and to reveal that it is the Word of God that is correct and the rationalists are in error about the true nature and reality of the world we live in. The evidence is abundant.

    Intending to come back to the 6 day creation teaching of Moses & Jesus at a later time I will begin with the statement in Genesis 6 that 'there were giants in the earth in those days', recalling that scripture reveals at least one giant that had to be about 15 ft tall (Og of Bashan, Deut. 3:11) and Goliath was measured at 6 cubits & a span (9 ft. 9 in.).

    Question: Is there any scientific reason why human beings could not reach such a size and height? Let's examine what has been observed by modern man:

    The Scandanavian giant Petrussan: 8'8 inches.

    Stadnick the Russian, measures 8'5 inches.

    Robert Wadlow of Alton, Illinois. At his post mortem examination the officials at the Mendocino State hospital measured him at 9'2 inches.

    Jason Aasen in a comparative photo with NBA basketball star Shaquille Oneal (7'1) stood at 9'2 inches.

    May we therefore do away with the skepticism that humans could not reach such heights?

    Concerning dragons, inlcuding that of fire breathing creatures mentioned in Job 41, it must be understood that the word 'dinosaur' was only coined in 1841. Before that dinosaurs and dragons were deemed to be the same creatures. I take that position now and there is scientific justification for it.

    Take for instance the Amargasaurus, discovered in South America:

    What is the difference between the legendary dragon and this dinosaur? Essentially none. The truth is that dragons exist in our day:

    Kimodo dragons. No Christian therefore need be initimidated by those who don't believe in dragons. Dinosaurs and dragons of biblical description are really one and the same and there is much evidence that they were contemporaneous.

    What then about the 'fire-breathing' beast described in Job 41; Leviathan?

    To me it is interesting what modern scientists have discovered in the fossil record concerning various dinosaurs. Take for example the T-Rex. The skull of a T-Rex has a mysterious twin chamber apparatus in the head that has tubes that come down to the nostrils and scientists admit that this is quite a mystery.

    Below is an ancient depiction of a fire-breathing dragon found in Utah near I-75:

    Is this therefore 'proof' that ancient man saw such creatures? Well, no, but they got the idea from somewhere and since Job clearly speaks of such creatures it lends credibility to the belief that they did indeed exist.

    In light of what science knows about the tiny bombardier beetle and its ability to burn enemy predators by an ingenious chemical mixture within its abdomen that is shot through a 'gun' on its belly then such notions do not sound so ridiculous after all.

    Next, unicorns & curses.

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    Then there is the matter of unicorns. Many Christians are terribly intimidated by skeptics when reproached about the Bible mention of such creatures. They say that such creatures are 'fantastical' and belong in the category of myth and legend.

    But are they? What if the unicorn (one-horned creature by defintion) turns out to be a rhinoceros after all? Actually we don't yet have the evidence to prove that one way or another. But why couldn't the creature depicted below qualify as a unicorn?

    The animal was a tsintosaurus and was noted for its single horn in the middle of its forehead. Evolutionists insist that this creature has been extinct for millions of yrs and could not qualify as the biblical unicorn but since those of us who believe in a young earth reject the evolutionary time line of history we think that it is at least a potential candidate.

    Skeptics scoff at such beliefs but the truth is there are even human beings who could be called 'unicorns' even in modern times:

    From China:

    But I personally don't think that these human beings qualify as the bibilcal unicorn. I believe they are all subject to what the Bible calls a 'curse'. Let me explain. The scriptures teach that all of mankind is under the curse of sin and that disease, sickness, and death is very much a part of that curse. That curses exist there is no question:

    Proverbs 3:33 "The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just."

    Galatians 3:10 "For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them."

    Curses work out in many ways upon many people depending on varying circumstances. For instance, take the case of the famous 'tree-man' from the Philippines:

    The man seemed to be literally turning into a tree of sorts. I know this man was under a curse because of a few facts about him I am not at liberty to divulge publicly. I was, however, glad to hear that he got some medical help for this very serious problem. It did not, however cure him.

    We know from God's Word that sin brings a curse. The curse that comes from our sins does not effect everyone in the same way but it always has a degenerative effect upon every human being...some more and some less depending on their lifestyle and/or relationship with God. Take for example some of the most obvious effects of the curse of sinful living:

    Take a look at the nice looking young man in the foreground of this four decades old rock album. I refer to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

    I liked the Stones so much and Keith Richards in particular that I wanted to look like him. But being converted to Christ and reading the Bible changed my mind.

    Now take a look at what all that time partying, doing drugs, booze, and immorality have done to him:

    Compare this to one who is about his same age and lived in the same generation (but in righteousness):

    Josh McDowell; a man whose books have been a great blessing for millions and me in particular.

    Going further, there is a biblical curse upon those who cause their brethren to be drunken.

    Habakkuk 2:15 "Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!"

    This curse came down on the Kennedy family because of Joseph P. Kennedy and his bootleg manufacturing of whiskey two generations ago. It is one of the best documented cases of a biblical curse known to modern man:

    Quote: Lives and reputations have been torn apart through a combination of ill fortune and poor judgment spanning four generations.

    The supposed curse of the Kennedys has captured the public imagination for more than 50 years.

    The assassination of President John F Kennedy, on November 22 1963, sent shockwaves across the globe.

    Two days after the president's death his infant son Patrick, born prematurely three months earlier, also died.
    Senator Robert Kennedy, JFK's younger brother, was himself shot and fatally wounded less than five years later at a Los Angeles hotel, hours after winning the Democratic primary election in California, in June 1968.

    But though perhaps the most sensational, the assassinations were not the family's first brush with adversity.

    In 1944, Joseph Kennedy Jr, the oldest of the nine Kennedy children, died aged 29 in a plane crash over the English Channel during a Second World War mission.

    Four years later, Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish, the fourth of the Kennedy children, was killed in another plane crash - this time in France, when she was 28.

    Years later, following Robert's death, Senator Edward Kennedy seemed destined to succeed him, such was America's feelings for the clan.

    But these were scuppered in 1969 when the car he was driving plunged into the water at Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts, after a party.

    His young campaign aide Mary Jo Kopechne drowned but Edward escaped.

    He left her body in the water for eight hours before informing police - an act which was said to destroy something of the family mystique.

    Four years later, Edward Kennedy's son, Edward Junior, lost a leg through cancer.

    In 1991, a nephew, William Kennedy Smith was at the centre of a high-profile "date rape" trial, though he was eventually acquitted.

    Edward's other son, Patrick, a respected politician, was treated for cocaine addiction as a teenager.

    Of Robert Kennedy's 11 children, two died young. In 1984, David Kennedy died of a drug overdose in a hotel after being thrown out of the family home following an argument.

    And in early 1998, David's brother Michael was killed after skiing into a tree in Aspen, Colorado.

    He had previously sought treatment for alcoholism and reportedly started an affair with a family babysitter when the girl was only 14.

    Another of their brothers, Joseph, was involved in a car accident in 1973. A woman passenger was paralysed for life.

    In 1997, another of Robert's sons, Christopher George Kennedy, said that of 28 cousins in his generation, "eight or nine" attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings daily.

    At the family base in Massachusetts, he admitted "it's easier to get an AA meeting together than a touch football team".

    Two years after this, tragedy struck again and John Kennedy Jr, JFK's son, was killed along with his wife and sister-in-law when the plane he was flying crashed off Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts."

    It is the Word of God that gives us the true reality about the world we live in and not the opinions of modern skeptics.