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    Dreams are one of the most mysterious forces in life. There are a lot of theories on what Dreams actually are but they serve multiple purposes for different people. I've seen people predict future events from dreams that actually came true. I've also seen uninterpretable dreams and of course standard dreams (stuff that happened to you that day?). Anyway, I would like everyone to give their opinions on what they are and what they serve. There are books that use symbols you see in your dreams to interpret what they might mean. Any?

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    People who buy into this sort of stuff, excuse me, are being led blind.

    First of all, the Bible says "no divination," and attempting to predict the future through your dreams on a daily basis is divination... unless, of course, God is speaking to someone through their dreams, but I'm guessing the people you know aren't prophets of God, are they?

    Second, the people who claim they can interpret dreams are just lying: who said that the "symbols" in everyone's dreams mean the same thing to everyone? A "symbol" in my dream could easily have different meaning in your dream. For instance, you and I each have a dream, where we each just so happen to have a dream about a river, and that's all we can remember. Period. Just a river. We each consult a dream-teacher (or a book, or whatever) about what the "river" means. They will tell us that we each dreamt about living a peaceful life, because "river" means "contentment." Maybe for you, but for me, maybe I'm terrified of rivers?

    Unless a dream is straight from God and we're all prophets, dreams are just dreams, and sometimes people just so happen to be able to guess about the future because a dream made them guess something would happen, and then it did. Did those people ever "predict" the exact time, date, month, year that their dreams showed them? Or it was purely coincidence and they said "Oh man, I had a dream like this, but I can't remember exactly, but I think I predicted the future with my dream!" Probably that.
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      You presented some good points; however, these people that I've seen do this don't try to do it. We were just talking one day and he was telling me how he sees real events happen from his dreams sometimes. He doesn't always know the date or time but the place and the surrounding appearance is always on the dot. This still doesn't explain what dreams are though. Are there any bible scriptures dealing with the explanation of dreams? Are they simply a time where we enter a new realm and our soul leaves our body to seek out the 4th dimension of life?


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        No... You know what a "daydream" is, correct? It's essentially that... when you're awake, sometimes you use your memories, experiences, and imagination to entertain yourself while awake. Since you're asleep, your brain defers to memories, experiences, and your imagination to entertain yourself in your sleep. It's the conscious (while awake), and the subconscious (while asleep). Trying to explain a dream as something like your soul leaving to another "realm" or "dimension" is purely guesswork, and has little evidence, whether Scriptural or scientific.

        In the occasional Biblical passage about a person who has a prophetic dream (e.g., Jacob's dream of the ladder to heaven, Daniel's "night visions" of the four beasts, etc.), it is always detailed that it was God who sent those dreams, not the person's soul leaving their body to seek them out. The Biblical understanding of dreams makes it appear that the ancients followers of God saw dreams as nothing more than something your mind did (while still inside the body...), and that only the unique-type dreams came from God, not the mind leaving to go find God.
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