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Feast of trumpets and the blowing of the horn

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  • Feast of trumpets and the blowing of the horn

    What is significant of the blowing of the horn at Feast of Trumpets for us as Christians today??

    Ps 89:15 Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance.

    The theme of the High Holy Days is FORGIVENESS – SLICHOT (in Hebrew).

    When we think of the Shofar, we are reminded of the “ram caught by its horns” when Abraham in obedience to GOD was willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, but GOD provided the sacrifice. We as believers are reminded when we hear the trumpet sound during this Feast, that GOD provided the perfect sacrifice – Y’SHUA – and when we come to Him, in humbleness, willing to repent, He will forgive.

    The sound of the shofar is therefore a kind of spiritual wake-up call. There are three cycles of sounding of the ram’s horn and each has a different meaning:

    ØTekiah – which means “blast”. It is a long, clear note on shofar – the intent is to call the worshipper to pay attention. We shall love YHWH, OUR ELOHIM with all our heart, all our strength and all our mind and worship only HIM!
    ØShevarim – means “broken”. This is three short notes blown together and held to equal length of the tekiah blast above. When we come broken before Him, he will hear us, heal us and restore us. When we cry out to Him, He will heal our land.
    ØTeruah or “alarm”. It is a rapid series of very short blasts, numbering at least nine, the duration should equal one tekiah. Let us “sound the alarm on His holy mountain.” Let us remember the war is won but the battle is still raging for the souls of man.
    ØTekiah ha-g’dolah” and is a long note held out – the duration of which is determined by how much lung power the shofar blower can produce! Let us be reminded that the great trumpet sound will take place and we need to be a Bride ready for the Bridegroom!

    The trumpet blasts announce the beginning of the TEN DAYS OF AWE (DAYS OF REPENTANCE). These are the days between The Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement.

    The blast from the Shofar calls us, as His children, to spend time in serious spiritual introspection, examining our lives to see where we need to return to the disciplines, ordinances and commands of YHWH’S word.

    It is a reminder that there is hope in the grace of YHWH’S forgiveness, His loving-kindness and mercy. It is a time of acting upon the wrongs we have committed by going to those you know you have wronged, asking for forgiveness, apologizing. Restitution may be hard to do, but it is vital during the repentance process bringing healing to those involved. It is a time we need to examine ourselves to determine if we are still fashioning our lives after the character of YHWH. This should be a constant way of life – day to day in awe of His presence, His power and authority, His love and His mercy.

    When we receive Y’shua as our Savior we are forgiven and our eternal relationship with YHWH is restored but we must also look at our daily walk, our daily sinful nature and although we know that we sould ask forgivenss every day, we get so caught up in our schedules and many tasks that we neglect it so often. But YHWH has made a way and has given us the weekly Sabbath and the 10 days of awe to look deep into our lives and do what He commands!

    When we partake of these days, we are reminded that we still have time to be cleansed of evil and sin. Yom Teruah is the day of the blowing of the great shofar (“tekiah ha-g’dolah”) as well as the last shofar.

    As believers in Y’SHUA we are awaiting the sounding of the last trumpet (shofar) to announce His coming. There are many descriptions of this event in the Scriptures. When we study the Scriptures we see that it is described as the harvest, in fact the ‘final harvest’. At the sound of the shofar there should rise up a clear awakening of one’s spiritual senses to be alert, to wake up! When that “Great Trumpet” sounds, you will recognize it as the announcing of the the Lamb that sits upon the Throne. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess!

    Sounding the trumpet points to the Bridegroom returning for His bride.

    According to the Rabbis, the blowing of the horns and trumpets ordained by YHWH and observed in the Temple of Jerusalem and throughout the land of Israel, had a threefold purpose:

    • First, the trumpet sound called to repentance. It was a call to the dead to arise and live again, to awaken from sin to regeneration through repentance.
    • Second, it reminded YHWH that He was in covenant relationship with His people Israel and must deal gently with them, not according to their merits but according to His gracious promises made to Abraham and the patriarchs of old.
    • Third, it was to confound and to confuse satan.

    We are reminded that the wages of sin is death. We must live and have life abundantly as is promised to us when we are in Messiah Y’SHUA. We are also reminded that we are in a covenant relationship with YHWH as believers in Y’SHUA and therefore we can obtain mercy and grace. That satan is confounded when we walk in obedience and call on the name of YHWH.


    Leviticus 23:23-25
    Numbers 29:1-6
    Psalm 27
    2 Chronicles 29
    1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
    2 Peter 3:8-9
    Deut. 9:21

    The LORD is my Miracle

    G_d was gracious He has shown favor

    Hope is a seed
    God plants in our hearts
    to remind us
    there are better things ahead.
    -Holley Gerth

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    Thank you ACCM. Your post has straighted my path.
    Those who seek God with all their heart will find Him and be given sight. Those who seek their own agenda will remain blind.