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Which Bible is MORE correct?

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  • Which Bible is MORE correct?

    I hope this is the correct forum for this question.

    Has anybody ever read the Geneva Bible? (Specifically any 'edition' prior to 1599) I am actually looking for the bible used by Protestants in the mid 1500's. This would have been toward the begenning of the 'reformation' period.

    The reason I ask is that I have recently completed a book about Lady Jane Grey of England. (The 9 Days Queen) She actually had the opportunity to save herself by converting to a Catholic, but refused, beleiving that to be herasy. That is the condensed version or events, but the reformers of the time were much more fanatical (probably the wrong word, please excuse me) than we tend to be today. Subsequent research has turned up two bibles that may have been used at the time: The Geneva Bible (although I can only find a 1599 edition, which is too late) and one called the Great Bible, which was created by Henry VIII. This is supposedly one of the first Bibles translated into English for common use. But the 'elite' of the time frequently could speak, read, and write in several languages.

    I currently prefer the KJV, which was first 'created' in the early 1600's (King james took the throne after Elizabeth I died in (I believe) 1603. My question is are the earlier versions of the Bible different that what we use today? Are these differences subtle, or major interpretation differences?

    Any information would be helpful. i would like to read some of these earlier Bibles, but the as a matter of curiosity, unless they say something profoundly different.