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    This might make for interesting discussion and perhaps open thought for discussion. Examine carefully!

    If God wanted to communicate to us certain things, whatwould He say to us to get His message across to us how would He communicate His will to us … would it be something like this list below?

    Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven isperfect, mature as He is mature.
    Let this same spirit be in you who was in Christ Jesus
    Walk as He walks
    Be in the light as He is in the light.
    Have the mind of Christ
    Be one with the Father as I am one with Him.
    Just to mention a few.

    What would keep one from being any or all of these things? It seems for the most part when these issues are addressed excuses arise why we cant be and the automatic response is – no onecan be perfect as He is, no one can have His same mind, thoughts, and actions, and no one can know what Jesus knew, no one can walk as he did, no one can be one with God as Jesus was one with Him. And more comments are made, we are not God, we are not Jesus, only these had this information because we are just sinners.

    Who told anyone they cant be any of these things when it is clear that Gods will for us is in His statements to us? Who said you cant be?

    When God addressed Adams nakedness in the garden He asked,who told you that you are naked? It wasn’t God who told Adam he was naked. How did Adam come to a conclusion that he needed something that God didn’t ordain? How do people come up with this idea they cant be these things listed above that God did ordain? Who told them they cant be? Who told one that you are a sinner and not His righteous? It wasn’t God. He said we who have His same Spirit are His righteous.

    My comment on this is laws are made by man to justify what is lacking in hearing and understanding. If one cant be perfect as He is, or have His same mind, or walk as He, or be one with God as Jesus was one with Him, doesn’tmean we cant be, it means something is lacking that we cant be so excuse why comes by law for we establish the law. It was the law that told Adam he was naked, not God, and it is the law that says you cant be these things, not God. The lawis sin and death and contrary to the way.

    Jesus went to a cross because of this very thing of law. The law said – You cant be Son of God that would put you equal with Him and that just cant be, no man can be one with God, no man can have His mind, no man can walk as He. If you make that claim then you are a blasphemer and of your father the devil. Who told you to be one with God, who told you to have His mind, who told you to be like Him? Our law says you cant be so crucifixion is in order. Bow down to our way for law or die.

    How do we obtain these things listed in the bible by God? By My Spirit says the Lord!

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    Re: Be One With the Father

    By My Spirit says the Lord!
    This simply cannot be overemphasized. Without His Spirit we are not His, and we can do NOTHING.


    Sunset remembers Eden...sunrise prophesies its return.


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      Re: Be One With the Father

      You are so right. I even wrote an article that was posted on our homepage called Sons of God, which addresses this same issue.
      Here's the link if you're interested in reading it.
      Don't seek too much knowledge. You just may be putting more weight on your shoulders than you're able to bare. Let God be the one to decide how quickly you grow.