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Palesteninian/Arab Origin?

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  • Palesteninian/Arab Origin?

    In old testament book of genesis it talks about both Abrahams illegitamit child Ishmael and Isaac's child Esua who are both sort of sent away and wronged. I was to understand that the Arabs were believed to originate from one of these lines. Was Ishmael the first Arab? Was Esua the first palesteninian? Or were they ancestors of them?


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    Esau would go on to become the forefather of the Edomite nation which settled south of the Dead Sea, I believe. I can't recall the passage, but they blocked the Israelites passage through to Canaan. They also harassed Israel in the time of the judges. Under the Roman Empire, Edom's name was modified to Idumea. A big reason why Herod the Great was so hated by the Jews was his descent from Idumeans. The Jews viewed him as a puppet of Rome, so Jewish hatred of Edom became synonymous with their hatred of Rome.

    I'll let someone else handle the Ishmaelites because my mind is a major blank right now when it comes to them!

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      Just of the top of my head, I believe that Esau and Ishmael joined surrounding peoples. I will say that this did not help the relationship between the Philistines (Palestinians) and Israel.


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        Re: Palesteninian/Arab Origin?

        Obviously, nowhere near all Arabs are Palestinian.


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          Re: Palesteninian/Arab Origin?

          Originally posted by gringo300 View Post
          Obviously, nowhere near all Arabs are Palestinian.
          "Palistine" is a manufactured name.
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            Re: Palesteninian/Arab Origin?

            What exactly defines a "manufactured name"?

            Anyway, from what I understand, the area known as Palestine was once under control of the English government.

            I've been attempting to do research on the English government lately.

            From what I understand, there were English settlers who settled in Ireland way back. If I understand right, the English government basically "settled" those people there.

            I'm kind of curious as to whether there were English settlers in what was known as Palestine.


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              Re: Palesteninian/Arab Origin?

              We are all God's children, some obedient children and some not so obedient, but all His children, period.
              And all of us His children have the same opportunities to be restored to fellowship with Him.
              Ethnicity, Nationality or Tribe has no affect on any individuals future in the context of eternity.

              Father bless, and have mercy on all of us.